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    "New" things in Ten Ten

    Actuallly I believe it's pronounced ten dot o not ten ten dot o, not X ten dot o, not X 1 dot o just plain and simple ten dot o I think they show it as "Mac OS X, 10.0" for anyone who doesn't realize that the X means 10, so they add the extra 10.0 at the end... not that this matters...
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    Bootable CD

    Did you lock the disc image before burning?
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    Refreshing the look

    Hey, I would be more then happy to help out with graphics. He's right it would be cool to see a little more aqua looking stuff around here althought I love the site anyway. I already have some good visions of what could be done heh. If your interested let me know and email me at...
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    Build 4k73

    Because 4K73 is not a final release nor is it a "public" release I wouldn't doubt the possibility of it having a bug or two. I would suggest like most people would, to partition your hard drive giving OSX at least 1.5GB and install it on a seprate partition other than what OS 9 is on, and...
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    How to burn 4K73?

    Well I just installed 4k73 last night successfully. It was a toast image, just lock the image in the get info panel and double click and that should open up toast and automatically be ready for you to write it to a disk. Once it's done burning then you should be all set, unless you downloaded...
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    It is called Mac OS X 10.0 !!!! (see n/t

    Mac OS XXX sounds kinky, will you have to be over 21 to purchase it? Personally I think Mac OS X.0 would be cool...
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    setup 4k73 Good or bad idea?

    If you aren't a developer, but you are going to use build 4k73 untill you have saved up your money to buy the final build of OS X, is it a bad idea to put your information in the setup process? or does it really matter? I don't want apple kicking my ass for using their OS a little early.
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    -DVD Player or Emulator-

    Thanks for confirming it for me.. after a while of trying to load a few DVD's in my iMac I realized how dumb I am for thinking Apple CD/DVD Driver meant I had the actual DVD-ROM drive too hehe. Thanks again. Peace
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    Latest Mac OS X versions?

    Where is everyone getting these later builds of OS X 4K60 ect. ect. ?? I'm sure your all not developers.
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    Mac OS X 4k60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't see iTunes on your site, software link doesnt do anything for me.
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    -DVD Player or Emulator-

    I posted before but nobody replied and I still want to know... is there an app or emulator type thing to play DVD's on an original iMac 233MHz machine? please reply if you know or email me... thanks, peace
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    DVD Players and older iMac Models

    Anybody know of a way to play DVD's on an original bondi iMac 233?? there has got to be a way out there somewhere, even if its some dvd emulator or something, please let me know or email me. thanks..
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    Do I really need 128MB memory?

    im on a rev. a bondi imac with 96 mb's of ram and it runs nice, I even use classic occasionaly and it runs ok, a little slow though. later
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    drawer view suggestion (with screenshot)

    cool idea my idea is at this addy let me know what you think
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    Optical Mouse

    I belive I may have the same mouse you have, the logicteh optical mouse blue one with silver buttons? well mine has been working fine in both mac os 9 and mac os x, and I don't see what linux could have done to it, is it the only thing that is currently plugged into your keyboard?? and did you...
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    Keyboard and Volume?

    wish someone knew. thanks anyway
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    Keyboard and Volume?

    I know this is a little off subject with OSX but doesnt anyone know how I can set my f1 - f12 keys to adjust my volume in OS 9.0.4? I know some people are able to but I can't figure it out. if anyone can help me out thanks.
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    Well, true, graphically most things you see in OS X are centered... but I think for the average user, you wouldn't notice that. Even for the users who do notice, I don't understand how it becomes problematic. I did notice, but it hasn't thrown me off at any time, or made things complicated...
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    Not everything is centered, the menus in the menu bar are to the left right?? the only thing I can think of in the center is the dock... and the dock (for me) is easy to use for what it does at the moment, although I'd like to be able to move it eventually. *cough*