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    iTunes 6 cant connect to Music Store

    I have the same problem. It started with iTunes 4.5 or whatever, and actually when I was in mid-session. I followed all of Apple's recommendations, including upgrading to iTunes 6.0.1, deleting and rebuilding Keychain, repairing Keychain, repairing my disk and preferences. I have tried...
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    Itunes Music Store

    I tried this, and it doesn't work. I still get the message "iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. An unknown error occured (-1)." I have upgraded to iTunes 6, QuickTime 6.5.3, running on OS X.2.8 on an iMac G4. The weird thing is, if I keep trying the Music Store 10 or more times iin a...
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    Itunes Isn't Responding

    I tried this, because I have had the same problem with connecting to the Music Store and to online radio, but it didn't work either. I deleted iTunes, ran the Disk Utility twice, deleted the permissions suggested, repaired the Keychain, then reinstalled iTunes 6.0.1. No dice. The wierd...