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    iPhoto 4 incapable of printing 4x6 photos

    I print 4x6's everyday on a photosmart 7150 or 7260 from iPhoto4, have gone into psge setup and setup the final print settings? After you do that goto print and make sure the attributes box says "photosmart" instead of "for any printer" and then choose the 4x6 paper size. Its never failed for me...
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    ms works files

    Those are both something I had already considered, this client is a switcher and I didn't know if there was a simpler way to open these files or not. I might go in and export them to rtf and just take the time that way, unless I can find something better. David
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    ms works files

    I have a client with hundreds of MS Works files we need to get working on the mac, what is the easiest way to do this. Are there any apps that open works files natively? Dave
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    Annoying shutdown confirmation

    Actually it does this by default no matter how you try to shutdown. So far havent found the pref pane to fix it yet. Dave
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    ISPs that support OS X

    Even with Verizon you should still be able to setup the PPoE on the X box without any additional software. 99% of PPoE accounts work with OSX natively Dave
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    Networking airport/non-airport computers

    The simplest way would be to give the Beige a static ip just above the range the of the airports DHCP then setup tcp/ip up on the beige and appletalk. That should do it after turning on Appletalk on the other Airport macs you should be able to see the beige and the printer. Dave
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    First mac buying question

    What are you looking for and at what price? I have some used macs around here and some other sources I can check for you. Dave
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    First mac buying question

    Well in Louisville there is a shop called MacTown used to be The Complete Mac they are really good to deal with and from time to time have good quality used stuff. Dave
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    No more OS 9 support!

    Actually what was said is that maybe in Jan '03 that Apple would start shipping their new systems not able to boot into OS9 not crippling their existing base of hardware or software. People need to realize that this should be logical, if you buy new hardware you should run the latest OS to get...
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    photoshop hates me!

    I had an eerily similar problem with InDesign 2 and finally found out the only way it would install on my PB/Ti was installing it to my firewire drive then dragging it to the hard drive. Later on found out there was a slight problem with the disk in my Ti. Have you run any disk utilities lately?
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    Poll (ish): Whats your startup time?

    Quicksilver 733/1.5gb ram ADC flat panel takes 1minute 1 second to the login panel. With DHCP routed connection to the internet.
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    MS Publisher files

    Would love to, I personally use InDesign. Unfortunately we get files from the state and local boards in publisher format.
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    MS Publisher files

    Anyone know of an app that will allow you to work with MS Publisher files on either OSX or classic? I work in a real estate office and we use tons of Publisher files, but I would love to get away from the pee cees and replace them with all macs, currently I am using Virtual PC on my G4 but would...
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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    The fact f the matter is that X.1 is faster than 10.0.4 in almost every aspect. However one thing most people tend to forget is that you are never going to see the performance of 9 in X for resizing and certain other tasks. You are going from a system that devotes 100% of its time to one task to...
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    Dumb question...

    If you are running OSX you will probably only get 3.5 to 4 hours max no matter the conservations you try. X is no where near as energy efficient as 9 was. With the new upgrade to X.1 it is getting better. On my 400mhx Ti I got 5 hours on a single charge surfing the web with airport under X I get...
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    Strange behavior

    Overclocking ANY G3 or G4 will normally cause a kernel panic in X due to timing and syncing issues with the bus. When you overclock the processor you are changing the bus timing ever so slightly but it is enough that X does not like it. X reguires almost ruthless precision from your hardware at...
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    my G4 (sawtooth) doesn't accept 133pcRAM!?

    I normally use only PC133 ram in all my G4's including the 400's. It may be cheap enough ram that it soenst meet spec. I normally buy all mine from even their cheap stuff is better than a lot of high dollar stuff. HTH.