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    automatically connect to samba network on startup

    Does anyone know how to set up OSX 10.1 to connect to a samba network source during the boot up sequence? Thanks, Mark
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    Sharing printers in OSX

    thats what i figured i guess if you want to share printers you have to get the server version oh well.
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    Print sharing over SAMBA

    I am wondering the same thing? I have a printer setup and shared but in windows 2000 it just says opening. My spool path is totally not right i am using /system/library/printers I believe but i dont know of any other path so I have no idea what is going on. Let me know if you find the answer...
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    Loging into Samba from Win98

    I used ssct (samba server configuration tool) which I found at which worked just great for me give it a try. Peace, Mark Lordi
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    Sharing printers in OSX

    Does anyone know of a way to configure samba to share a printer to windows 2000 machines? I have samba configured so that it is seen in the workground and the lexmark printer is shared but when I ad the printer in windows2000 it comes up as opening instead of ready. Does anyone know whats up...
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    OSX 10.1 to Windows 2000 Printer

    Does anyone know how I can get a 10.1 machine to see a Windows 2000 machine that has a printer shared on it. I need to mount that printer for use. I have samba and all that working just dont know how to use print center. Tell me what I need to do and I will consider you the man. Thanks in...
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    problem with defaults command

    I have tried a few of the defaults commands and none of them are taking effect what am i doing wrong. Mark Lordi