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    Found more fun!

    Hi yes you do need to turn sendmail on it is off by default to do this open /etc/hostconfig in emacs or whatever as root and change MAILSERVER=-NO- to MAILSERVER=-YES- then reboot and sendmail will be running and you can use it instead of your isps smtp server, although I think the...
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    Networking: Ethernet & PPP?

    Hello Yes sorry having re read your post I see that I got it wrong sorry. I'm curious though because it is working fine for me, I'm even using natd to turn my g4 into a gateway and everything is clicking over fine. I've looked at my network setup panel and the only thing I can see in my setup...
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    How can I get OSX apps to open my old files on default?

    Hi To set the default app for a file select the file then use show inspector from the file menu (apple-i). This will open something similar to the old get info box in classic. From the show menu select application then click change application and brows to the app you would like to use...
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    Networking: Ethernet & PPP?

    Hi the solution to you problem isn't in the network controll panel, what you need is PPP Connect which is in the Apps folder, I think I may have moved mine. Open it enter your isp details there and then connect to the internet by clicking connect, OS X dosen't seem to support auto connecting...
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    OS X... Where is my root access?

    To get root access login using root as your user name and use the same password as the account you setup when you installed os x, you can also use su at the shell, sam pass again. Tos boot into calssic the best way is to use select startup disc from the system prefs click on the pad lock enter...