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    Quicktime Broadcaster And Imic Conflict.

    I have tried that, I have also been able to try using a higher quality i/o device with the same result.
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    Quicktime Broadcaster

    I am trying to run Quicktime Broadcaster and am able to broadcast using the internal microphone in my ibook for the audio source just fine, but when I plug my imic in the application quits instantly. When I go to restart it either it quits before it is open or opens but then I have no option to...
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    Quicktime Broadcaster And Imic Conflict.

    I seem to have a conflict with Quicktime Broadcaster software and my imic audio I/O device. Broadcaster runs superbly from my iBook's internal source but as soon I connect my imic the iBook Broadcaster Quits. Apple claims Broadcaster will run fine with the imic as the audio input source but...