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    problem revealing downloaded files

    I think this is a known bug in the current version of IE for OS-X. Another workaround is to issue a "touch" command on the desktop (or whatever folder you are downloading to): - open up a terminal session - type "touch /Users/*username*/Library/Desktop/" (make sure to substitute...
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    color ls in terminal?

    oops. something went wrong with that url. color ls is here:
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    color ls in terminal?

    a ported color ls is available at <>. i haven't tried though.
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    Tempest by Pixels Animation Studios ( seems to be a very promising, RenderMan-compliant rendering software for OS-X. Their site announces an alpha-version ready for download, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on their ftp server. The screenshots from the press...
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    Intel Ports of OS X should get you started.