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    All-In-one printers/scanners

    I hope it's okay to post this question here. I am looking for recommendations for all-in-one printer/scanner/copiers (with fax if possible) that are networkable for Macs especially (also PCs). We're looking at Canons and HPs mostly. Must be a reasonable photoprinter, good document printer, and...
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    30th Anniversary Guessing Comp!

    What about all those rumors of Apple being bought by Sony or Intel or whomever? Since Steve has now gone Intel on us (anyone else out there think he should have gone AMD instead?), maybe what they're leading up to is Intel buying out Apple but NOT killing Apple, instead it becomes a subsidiary...
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    Photoshop Elements Downloading Two Files On Startup

    Thanks for the suggestion of checking the Elements preferences. I will do that (or have my husband do it) and see if such a feature exists. It would certainly cut down on the frustration!
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    Photoshop Elements Downloading Two Files On Startup

    Hi folks: I think I know what is going on with this, but it's VERY frustrating and I am wondering if you have heard from others and have any solutions. I have Photoshop Elements 2. Sometimes when I start the program about halfway through the startup process a window comes up saying it is...