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    E-mail app "send queued messages" missing?

    I can't seem to figure out how to SEND the "queue" messages in the e-mail application, - like in Eudora or others - where you can either set "immediate send" or "queue for later delivery" (like when you are on the airplane or by the pool, or whatever) does anyone have a 'fix' or a...
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    xDSL Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem drivers

    does anyone know where I can find this driver? - I'm 'tired' of having to go to OS 9.1 to get xDSL? - and It will be a couple of weeks before I can afford an ethernet xDSL modem & use my hub?
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    boot messages

    I have looked, though I had seen - what 'key-combination' to hit OS X PB when booting, to get the unix-linux style boot messages while booting? on NeXTstep / OpenStep it was both "Alt" keys plus the "~" and I 'thought' (maybe I dreamed it) there was something similar for OS X PB??? thanks...