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    What is faster for file transfers?

    Look at the OWC's Upgrades path to see what the say you could use in your 2008 Mac Pro!
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    USING a 2018 Mac laptop (any) as a hard drive

    I've seen many reviews on they Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 Plus Dock seem very good if you get and active Thunderbolt 3 cable thirty's 2.0 Meters long to use under a desk!
  3. Satcomer word association!

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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    I guess no one is drinking here anymore here, turn out the lights on this thread!
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    China's tiny Macs????

    I believe reporting this day is rapid decline, especially in today's hyper competitive environment! With traditional news sites going online they went away with house reporters and subcontract 'repeaters' over the net! So bloggers now write most news you read on traditional news sites so always...
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    China's tiny Macs????

    Wow a reporter writes a story about Apple (the Top target by the way) that counteract Apple's version of events! Seems more if the course is being payed by a competitor of Apple is paying the reporter for this story!
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    Uninstalling Safari

    I believe that Safari is good Webkit browser! However like all browser just make sure you go to the program's Preference's and not have the browser auto-open downloaded programs, only open downloaded programs manually! This is a simple thing to stop Trojans that are compressed! Now have you...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Well it's Fall again! The leave on the trees will be changing very soon!
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    Who PO'd Who?

    I noticed that too! I wonder if any of the Admins would be more active in finding the spam!
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    External drive duplicator

    I still like Carbon Copy Cloner because I can boot the copy if I set it up in it’s preferences! Sure it’s shareware but it never messed up on DAS disks!
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    parent control latest iOS iPad Air 2

    I wouldn’t use an app because kids will eventually break it! I would get an account with OpenDNS that he/she would have to be an expert to find the settings!
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    doesn't hide dock bar automatically in High Sierra

    Did you right click the Dock to hide it?
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    Frequent (Ethernet) Disconnects

    You need to first clean out massive Internet caches because it will give you the option to find where these old plugins reside! So use the mostly free YASU (Yet Author System Utility). It will show if and older plugin is causing the problem. The program doesn’t delete anything, it just points to...
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    Questions about activity monitor and speeding up computer

    It use AppleScript that’s built in to delete Internet caches, run daily, weekly and monthly scripts you would have do manually via the Terminal! All you have to do is run the program and all it’s routines and do that about 3months to make sure your Internet cache might get out of hand. Take my...
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    windows/applications are moving to different monitors

    Plus Windows have a habit to open apps in last place opened!
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    Cannon Scanner And El Capitan Security Update 002 2018

    Get you drivers here:
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    As a Mac user you have to realize that most of the world is Microsoft world in the manufacturing processes! So as Mac user you have to FOMAT any drive you buy to be read/write for Mac OS. So did you first format that drive? Plus Reset the NVRAM or PRAM on Your Mac is easy and it has been known...
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    What media player for Mac is the best?

    I’m sorry I meant IPv4 web video!
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    Specific type of flash drive blocked or ignored by Sierra

    You have to drop you old habits that older Windows systems allowed this very pull it of mounted drives! However Mac OS is based on BSD Unix called it Darwin. So on you Mac (without the drive plugged into the Mac) just Reset your PRAM to fix the problem! Then don’t ever just pull out a mounted...