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    Happy New Year

    Happy Year of the Pig The final year in the cycle
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    Santa (his name has no el) /double post cheat
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    Red badge
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    Down hearted
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    The Apple Iphone Unlock Controversy

    Here we go again. Police are forcing folks to use their fingerprint "key" to unlock phones Great article, that looks at the boundaries of police/judicial power and personal freedom.
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    Wow Everything Is Exploding

    tv's timed to explode with the programming. Take that Dolby Sound! :)
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    Wow Everything Is Exploding

    Verizon and Sprint will replace even the replacements of the Note 7. Wow! Verizon, the cheapest corporate entity on the planet. They have got to be trying to get rid of any liability.
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    I like it. Much easier to see, sped up my 5s, cute stuff in iMessage. Still getting used to the new unlocking procedure and wind up with Siri chirping at me rather than getting to the main screen, but all in all it is worth the price. :)
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    No Child Left Behind - No Teacher Left Unblamed
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Sounds like a teacher. My worst year was teaching 6th graders in Egypt. Made me look at September with distinct fear and loathing.
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    dispersion rats got there from duck duck go "bacteria dispersion dyson hand dryer"
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    Can You Count To

    No, Ireland played the game. They set low tax rates to attract companies. They might not get a great rate, but it is found money all the same. New York does it, Delaware does it, it is not a very novel idea. The point is now the European Commission is saying - "Hey you, Ireland - you can't do...
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    Can You Count To

    14.5 Billion?!?! Apple required to pay Ireland more money than Ireland wants and... if they do they will ask a tax credit from the US for taxes paid overseas. Very Kafkaesque. I get the feeling Europe might not be a great destination if Trump wins. :^) So Canada is the winner!