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    Palm Desktop 4 Beta for MAC OS X

    For Palm users, you can download Palm Desktop 4 Beta Software from their website. Here is the URL: But you will have to register in order to download Palm software. Enjoy! :p
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    Internet Explorer 5.1 on MAC OS X10.1

    Hi I just upgraded to 10.1 today I was testing IE5.1 to see how much improvement Microsoft have done for IE5.1 than 5.1 preview version. It is faster than 5.1 preview BUT when I load and, it is incredibly slow!! I tried to load other websites such as
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    Irish & British Users

    Simply contact Apple UK via telephone and they will be able to take your order without a need of proof that you have MAC OS X. I ordered MAC OS 10.1 upgrade last week through Apple UK. They only asked me that have I got MAC OS X and I said yes. That's it. By the way, I got OS X 10.1 today...