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    Mac won't load up

    I have Mac Intel laptop. It had been acting fine, but today when I went to shut it down it just stayed on this blue screen. I held the 'on' button to try and get it to turn off, which it did. Feeling that something was wrong, I went to switch my computer on to make sure everything was ok. When I...
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    Mac wont start!

    I just can't win, I need help with the fire wire now. I tired to do the target disk mode, and the target computer would not show up on the host computer. I tried reseting the host and still nothing. I went into Disk Utility and tried to verify the disk and it says this: Invalid index key...
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    Mac wont start!

    I just tried it and it didn't work. My friend just showed me how to get into target disk mode though, and that worked. So at least I can buy a firewire cable and move my stuff onto a friends computer.
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    Mac wont start!

    Hey! I'm runing a Mac 10.4 Intel lap top. Its been running fine, but today when i shut it down it stayed on this blue screen. With out thinking I held down the start button and it shut off. I figured something was wrong, so I tried to start it up. It makes the start up noise and goes to the...