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    wintel vs. apple: wishes

    QuackingPenguin, Cow Loon was comparing the perceived speed of his Mac to the perceived speed of his PC, not the clock speeds! When it comes down to it all that matters is perceived speed (as long as one perceives 1 hour as less than 3 ;) . He said that he feels his Mac is slow compared to...
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    Apple's Stereoscopic Displays

    the screen has vertical columns with alternat colums at differant angles. and the pixels are also made with a narrower viewing angle. I've never seen one and I only read about it in an article somewhere.
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    Apple's Stereoscopic Displays

    i think the stereoscopic most likly to be used is a monitor that shoots the two images at slightly differant angles, one for each eye. Its not too expensive but theres a problem with this type of screen: you can't move you head very much.
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    OSX - A Slow Death?

    it could be slowing down due to the fact that the memory swap files are no on their own partition. Mac OS X often swaps out chuncks of ram to swap files on the hard drive. because those fies are not in their own partition, they suffer from the same fragmentation issues as normal files so when...
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    Adequate OS X substitute for ResEdit?

    what Mac OS X applications use resource forks? and if you need to edit OS 9 or classic apps that have resource forks you should use OS 9 or Classic ResEdit to do it. if there was a Res Edit for Mac OS X, it would have been mentioned by now.
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    Adequate OS X substitute for ResEdit?

    in mac os x no file has resorce forks so a program to edit them would be useless or worse it would corupt files by adding resorce forks. in mac os x resorces (like icons and other things kept in the resorde fork) are stored as individual files with in an apps package. plist editor...
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    Is the desktop dead?

    OS opinion has a story about the death of the desktop. is it really dead or is it just microsoft that killed it with its terrible implimentation? And what do you think of apple's desktop, past and present? of all OS's who does it best?