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    G4 USB not powered

    Hi all, My G4 didn't power up yesterday, and I was told here (thanks!) to press the little re-set button next to the battery. That made it power up, but now both the USB outputs don't work. I checked with a little USB drive that has a LED to see whether it lights up, and it doesn't, so I...
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    G4 won't power up

    Great, thanks very much. I didn't realise that re-set some sort of breaker too. Cheers Giles
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    G4 won't power up

    Hi all, My G4 won't power up this morning, -there's juice in the lead, but the button on the front won't do anything. I've opened the unit and can't find any sort of fuse, -can anyone help? If it helps, there was some sort of power problem in the studio; the screen won't power up either...