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    Panther in Longhorn

    I guess we'll all just have to wait until Longhorn's release in 2008 to find out what it is all about.
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    JAG: Sharing Mac broadband internet conection with XP on LAN

    Are you using a regular cable or a crossover cable? I have been through several setups and have found that getting it to work can be odd: Broadband --> Mac. Mac Ethernet--crossover cable--> Hub's "In" port. Hub's "out Port"----> PC Ethernet card. or Broadband --> Mac. Mac...
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    Download music and prepare to pay..Starting 25Jun03

    "On the software front: If that 16 year old that downloaded his illegal copy of photo shop thinks it is okay because he cannot afford to buy it, he is wrong. I can not afford a BMW M5, so I should just go jump in one and drive around like it is mine?" I truly don't understand people who...
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    Would you consider having a look at a site?

    <quote>Search engines only read the main frame for content and leave the rest untouched. That means that data is effectively "hidden" from their view. Not a good idea. Use tables instead. That will help your design as well. </quote> Ach! Tables! Will we never escape tables? Sorry, I...
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    httpd.conf file in 10.2.4?

    Thanks! That saves me a needless reinstall. Any ideas what they changed? I hosed it and tried replacing it with the file from 10.2.3 and that did not help at all.... there must have been some important changes.
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    httpd.conf file in 10.2.4?

    Ok, so I am basically a total idiot. I won't go into all the details, but sufice it to say, I need a copy of the text that goes into the httpd.conf file that 10.2.4 puts on a machine. Any help? You can e-mail me at trekg AT thanks in advance!
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    .mac down... again... ?

    This happens too frequently for a service that I pay for! (even though I got the service for free). Still, if people see that Apple can't keep the service up and running, how can they convince new customers to sign up?
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    Jaguar & Firewire

    Well, good news to anyone else who was wondering this. I took my pci card to a friend who is a developer. My firewire card works 100% perfectly!
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    Jaguar & Firewire

    it is a generic card without manufacturer information. :( It didn't need drivers at the time because it used apple's drivers.
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    Jaguar & Firewire

    For anyone that has a newer build of Jaguar... does it have built in drivers for Firewire PCI cards? My internal firewire ports got trashed (my fault) and I know that most the cards worked fine in 9.x (indeed the card that I have in there now works pefectly with 9.2). in 10.0.x the card...
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    Thank god! We can keep our email-account for free!!!

    Basically it is for people like me. I have an e-mail and so do my parents and my boyfriend. Now, if I get a .mac account, all the other accounts can have e-mail for free (and I can keep my second account). .Mac looks as little better for me.
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    iTunes 3 Framerates

    ====== My full-screen framerates (in hi-res) went from 10-14 to 24-32 on my G4/466 w/RADEON 32MB, and yes, based on my exeriences with 10.2DP1 (which is months old and has been much better optimized by now, mind) you can expect at least this amount of speedup to your UI with quartz extreme. I...
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    Will Ferrell switch video

    wow... .mov file was 15.8 MB .mp4 file was 3.9 MB I mean, I knew there would be a difference... but only 1/4th the size! That is fricken awesome.
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    iTunes 3 Framerates

    So easy... don't know why I forgot about that
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    iTunes 3 Framerates

    Why can't I find the iTunes preference to turn off rough display? I turned it on somehow... but now I cant find it turn it off
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    .Mac rip off - Feedback

    Now I have to decide which of my two addresses I should keep trekg or daeyin. I like trekg since it is my name, but I have daeyin as a username like everywhere
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    .Mac rip off - Feedback

    Send them feedback so they know how dumb the idea is, and post it! mine was "Taking away my address or making me pay for them is just wrong! SJ promised in San Francisco that it would be "fee for life." I was there, taking notes...
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    NO .Mac services for free (official)

    hey, just send Apple some feedback: mine was "Taking away my address or making me pay for them is just wrong! SJ promised in San Francisco that it would be "fee for life." I was there, taking notes! Yesterday I was planning when I...