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    invoking programs from command line

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    How to reset password on nodes

    Hi, We have this cluster of xserve nodes. I am able to log into the portal node and have admin access there (sudo access). But I don't even know if I have an account on the other nodes (the person who set it all up went on a long vacation). I know that to reset admin password on a mac os x...
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    using firewire hub for two devices simultaneously

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has similar experience with this. I have a tibook that has only 2 GB left, running Jaguar. I want to edit a video that is at least 60 minutes, and the final product gets stored back on a dv tape. So I can read from the dv cam through firewire, but I can't write...
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    does starcraft for mac os x work on someone's tibook?

    Hi, I am using 10.1.5 on my tibook. I installed Starcraft from the CD I bought and the it runs fine in classic. I downloaded the 1.09b patch from Blizzard and installed it. Copied everything from the three folders into the Starcraft File folder. I noticed that there's already a carbon...
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    Where is $DOCUMENT_ROOT?

    After much fussing I found out why. For some reason, my php doesn't have register_globals on! I had to create a php.ini in the /usr/local/lib dir and specify that it be on. Then everything started working! I am a bit surprised that no one else who is using the entropy package needed to do...
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    Where is $DOCUMENT_ROOT?

    Hi, I have this php website on some linux machine somewhere that is doing fine. I wanted to use my Mac OS X machine as a development server. So I downloaded all the php pages onto my tibook. PHP works after I installed the .so file from entropy and made changes to the apache config. BUT, for...
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    restarting palm every time I synch

    Yup, this time it works as expected after I deleted the whole Updates directory. Just wish the synch is faster like on my Windows2000.... Thanks! G
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    restarting palm every time I synch

    Sorry, no, Ihaven't gotten it fixed. Perhaps the next release of the palm desktop... G
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    broken software update?

    Hmm, I don't see anyone else complaining, but can it just be me? I tried to run software update for the past two hours and it kept saying it can't reach the server after checking for like five minutes. I can get on the internet fine (allowing me to whine here). Anything I can do to diagnose...
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    restarting palm every time I synch

    Does this happen to anyone else? I installed Palm Desktop for Mac OS X yesterday. I synch it with my Handspring, and all's well. But after each synch, my Handspring pops up a window saying I have to press the "restart" button below to restart the system. Why? It doesn't happen when I synch...
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    once and for all: vim coloring on XFree86

    Thanks, Can you email me the termcap as the one you posted had smileys all over the place. The email address is Thanks! G
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    once and for all: vim coloring on XFree86

    Hi, I went through the results from a search on solutions to create color syntax on vim and nothing was concrete or worked. I am wondering if there's an FAQ for something like that. I have given up trying to get color to show on vim when running on the (even though color shows...
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    XDarwin copy and paste

    Hi, How do I copy and paste between XDarwin xterm windows (or anything, like Netscape) and my main Mac OS X apps? Tried the obvious Apple+X,V,C and nothng happened... G
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    XFree86 file explorer

    Hi, I am using XFree86 to launch X-based programs. All fine. Is there a way, however, to have some sort of file browser/explorer for the file system from which I can launch X programs? For example, from my OS X computer, can I have something equivalent to Finder? Or more useful, when I am...