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    Powerbook G4 15" Sleeping Mode

    When my PB goes to sleep and I try to wake it up, it wakes up but sometimes does not light up the display. It stays black. I have to switch it off and on, that is to start it again to make it work properly. It is annoying, especially that it is my 3rd PB I have problems with.
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    Address Book Picture Problem

    it doen't work. I trird different options with slider
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    Address Book Picture Problem

    Sorry, I do not understand what you mean.
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    Address Book Picture Problem

    Tiger 10.4.2 When I tray to add image to card in Address Book I do a procedure correctly using JPEG picture but it works only with my card. When I try to do it in any other card and click SET - the picture does not appear in the box next to card's name. I did try to repair permissions but no...