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    FS: Palm Tungsten E with Aluminum Case

    Check it out: It's in good condition, I only owned it about 6 months.
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    FS: PowerMac G4 Dual 500, 1 gig of RAM

    Check it out: This machine's in great condition and includes AirPort and a Pro Keyboard!
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    Panther vs. OS9

    I have yet to update to Panther, on any of my 3 macs, but Jaguar has been good to me speed-wise overall. But I do have an idea for Apple... they should let developers create programs that "hog" the OS, so you can "log in" as the program, say Pro Tools or Digital Performer, and that program hogs...
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    Panther not really 64 Bit?

    Panther is both 32 and 64-bit. Typical Register babble.
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    These are HIGH END machines. Want an affordable Mac? Get an eMac.
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    Why Apple can't disable OS 9 booting completely

    I wonder if some genius will write a hack utility to boot into OS 9 on the new powerbooks and powermacs. I certainly hope so, as my music software, MOTU's Digital Performer, does not exist for OS X yet. I'll let everyone know if I find a solution myself...
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    "iOffice" almost confirmed

    I say go Apple! Make an office suite, sever all ties with M$. Make the office suite gloriously compatible with M$ Office, yet have advantages over it. Advertise it heavily. It's about time they did this!
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    Network causing computer hang

    I have the exact same problem as Milamber on my iBook 2001 running 10.2.2 and I've had this problem since at least 10.1 if not earlier. And there is a more serious problem with it. I connect to Windows servers that crash a lot, and have to reboot. Sometimes, it forces me to reboot my Mac...
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    Epson Stylus C62 / C60 won't print, prints randomly under Jaguar

    That's a good insight. However, if software was written properly (yes, that's a BIG if, I know...) then theoretically printer memory would be irrelevant, the COMPUTER would periodically send the printer chunks of data up to the printer's limit and the job would still print. I thought that's what...
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    Epson Stylus C62 / C60 won't print, prints randomly under Jaguar

    Anybody else have one of these printers? The problem seems to be specific to printing from Photoshop - the file gets put in the queue, the queue is running and the job is "printing" in print manager but never actually prints out, even after HOURS. Then sometimes it works, very very rarely and...
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    Got Jag?

    Very happy with Jaguar. Was a very smooth install and the new features are incredible. I have barely scratched the surface. I am happy with the speed improvements, especially on my iBook, which is quite a bit faster now.
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    OS X turning into XP

    Been using Jaguar for a couple of days on both my machines. Neither support Quartz Extreme, but I knew that going into it. Perhaps I should break down and stick a GeForce 4 card in my upgraded Sawtooth G4/450 (now a dual 500.) Or maybe I'll just wait until they start using IBM CPUs... As...
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    For all web deisgner and developer.

    I also work in a ColdFusion / MS-SQL based company and would like to see CF Server for OS X. Windows servers are a joke, I'd like to see CF on a stable platform. Anyone who pays attention knows that Macromedia has pretty much rewritten ColdFusion. PHP may be better still, but a lot of people...
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    Got Jag?

    Just got the box in the mail! Installing right now on my iBook. Man this takes a while... but I am excited!
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    The stupid Intel rumors are back (make it stop part II)

    I know this. But look at the large scale. In many ways, Apple has more in common with SONY than they do with Red Hat. There SHOULD be different platforms and different choices. I wish there was ANOTHER one besides Apple and Intel platforms. Like in the 80s when we had Commodore, Atari, Apple...
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    Is it just me or is apple changing it's font?

    I think after 20 years, changing their corporate font is probably a good idea. The last thing they want to do is seem dated. I noticed their new turn in branding a while ago and was really happy about it. I think they've made a great choice for a new font, that still has a lot of the same type...
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    The stupid Intel rumors are back (make it stop part II)

    So some bigshot analyst (and noted Intel investor) says Apple will go to Intel CPUs in the next 2-4 years. All this because of Jobs saying he likes having "options." The story's up on if you want to see it. Most of you here are intelligent enough to realize that for Apple to...
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    To Jaguar or not to Jaguar?

    This is the most significant update the most significant OS ever. If you don't upgrade, you are stupid! Don't bitch that you're poor, you can spare a kidney ;)
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    Overall Reaction to MacWorld

    Happy with Apple overall. My guess is that they are finished with Motorola, who has basically been spanking it for the last year and a half. If Apple is going to introduce new PowerMacs, I'd rather see them kick ass and destroy the Pentiums than be some marginal speed increase the to G4. Time...
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    "My Mac just works."

    I don't see how asking simple questions and stating simple facts makes me sound angry. Perhaps it is the lack of any emotional context whatsoever in my post that leaves it open to interpretation, in which case it is YOU my friend that are reading the anger into it... Right back atcha ;)