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    Screen Capture using Windows OS

    If you are using a Mac keyboard which does not have the PRTSc (Print Screen) button, you can use the on screen keyboard which is in Programs\ Accessories\ Accessibility folder under the start menu When you run this onscreen keyboard, you can hit Print screen, or Alt- Printscreen to capture...
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    [How To]Creating Divx Files

    oops...sorry, was at work, and missed a couple of pages of this discussion. As such it looks like ffmpegx and numerous others have been covered in detail :-) By the way, someone mentioned dvision. Still use that sometimes and agree that it is a nice easy app to use
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    [How To]Creating Divx Files

    I use OsEX to rip the DVD to a single vob. I then use ffmpegX to create the divx. ffmpegX is a GUI front end for some open source tools (namely ffmpeg, mencoder and mpeg2enc) that is extremely feature rich and will convert pretty much anything to anything. Once you have had a couple of...
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    I'd like to see someone get this avi working on a mac...

    Oops. Hit this forum while doing a search and didnt check the date Moving along now :-)
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    I'd like to see someone get this avi working on a mac...

    Have you tried vlc from As far as I am concerned, this is the one stop shop for divx/ avi playing on the MC, and has always handled strange dovx files with suround tracks etc. If you are running a G4, feel free to run the latest 0.62, but if you are on a G3, 0.46 is less...
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    I cant connect my OS X to my Win2000

    If it is just one or two hosts, add it into your netinfo/ machines node. Start netinfo, unlock it and put in your root password. Select your machines node and duplicate the create a new object with the same attributes as localhost, but obviously with the IP address of the actual host and...
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    I cant connect my OS X to my Win2000

    yes it is possible. Depnds on your hardware as to whether you will need a cross over. Many new NICs will autodetect in which cas you dont need a cross over cable. However, to be on the safe side, probably better to use one
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    I cant connect my OS X to my Win2000

    If you just want to get data to your mac, it is less troublesome to connect to your MAC from your PC. First turn on SMB shareing (preferences/ sharing/ Windows file sharing) I do ssem to remeber that you need to allow your user to connect from windows (preferences/ accounts) - select your...
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    I cant connect my OS X to my Win2000

    So the thing that I dont get is whether you actually have connected to the share yet, but are getting the error or what? Also, you say that it doesnt list your "shared stuff" Is this that you dont see the files in the shared drive in finder?
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    OSX 10.2.6 and Windows 2000/XP shares

    You comment that you can browse DHCP hosts, and not static. Do you static hosts talk to WINS. To my knowledge (and I could be wrong), MACOSX.2 does not truly browse windows hosts. If you are using a WINS server, then you may see a difference. Otherwise, hosts in finder/ connect to server are...
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    powerbook display as negative

    P.S, what is the scratch and sniff commitee
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    powerbook display as negative

    Thanks mate - your a gun. Unfortunately, I noticed that it was linked to the user, so I deleted the user and re-created, and am now re-importing the various preferences and favourites etc. However, once again this forum proves itself. Why would anyone want this setting anyway, as the...
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    powerbook display as negative

    Recently I woke my powerbook firewire (running 10.2.6) up and the display looked like a negative. I checked the settings and they looked OK. I then booted to 9 and all was ok, so I know that it isn't a hardware problem. Also, when booting to OS X, the display is fine right until user login...
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    OS X--incredibly slow

    I didnt read all of the thread (stopped after about the tenth post). I find that on my g3 400 os X Jaguar is slower than nine for single tasks. However, I am a user of unix, windows and MAC, and am well used to running mutliple things at once, and moreimportantly starting things up and then...
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    Wlan Driving Me Crazy!! Help!!!

    I'll be honest with you I have not tried this configuration, but am willing to throw in my two bobs worth. You have a couple of things to think about. Imagine you were running a bridged lan using wireless in the typical configuration. Essentially you want to make one transparent network/...
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    How can I remove the iChat item in the menu bar?

    Thanks from me too. I have had this problem and it was in the "get to it one day pile". Much appreciated
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    save dialogs: what should be done:

    The only thing that I dont like is that most apps dont remember the save location. You could argue that this should be a feature of the software, but given the amount of hassles software hsa with this, it would be nice if it was ant easily accessible tag in the OS In windows, most apps do...
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    Airport Base Station -- WAN Address not visible

    Cool, By the way the bridging is "Enable Airport to Ethernet Bridging", and is a check box at the bottom of the network tab in the Airport admin utility