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    OS X on 2nd IDE HD

    OS X works fine on some slave ATA disks. It depends on the disk and the CPU you own. But the easiest way to deal with this is to switch the master and slave settings of your two disks. Mac OS 9 will run fine on a slave disk. -pmb
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    my feedback on OSX

    Look in the "general" panel of System Preferences You can have up to 255 unicode bytes in a filename. (255 ASCII characters, 64 worst case with 4-byte unicode) -pmb
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    Can´t boot on OS X beta CD

    That is bizzare. BTW- you said the HD is master... and the CD is master... they're on different ATA busses, right? -pmb
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    Cannot bless the system folder

    Is your CDROM drive set to slave? -pmb
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    Maybe if you paid for a copy instead of stealing it, it would work. -pmb
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    Reformatting a partition in OS X

    When you pick the HFS+ volume in the X installer target selection panel, click on the "erase this volume as" checkbox, and select UFS as the filesystem type. That will cause the installer to convert your HFS+ volume to a UFS volume. Any data on the HFS+ volume will be <b>lost</b>. -pmb
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    messages in installer LOG

    The "rulebook server" errors are harmless. I think /dev/disk0s1s9 is the installation CD, which indeed is alreay mounted. I don't think either of those errors has anything to do with your problem. -pmb
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    Start up disk control panel crash

    The Startup Disk pref panel will crash if there is a 9.0.4 CD mounted. The 9.0.0 CD doesn't cause the crash. -pmb
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    MacOS X CD won't boot on iBook

    Send Apple all of the text of that panic!
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    Use burned CD more than once????

    It is not an anti-piracy thing. It's called a CD-<b>ROM</b> for a reason. Read Only Memory. The reason newer Macs seem to have "flakier" CDROM drives is because they have <b>faster</b> CDROM drives. A 2x CDROM drive is going to work with more CDs that have scratches and glitches than a 48x...
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    Installing OS X beta on a Softraid partition

    Mac OS X will <b>not</b> install on a SoftRAID partition.
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    StartupDisk preference in OSX bombs

    This is usually because a Mac OS 9.0.4 CDROM is mounted. The Mac OS 9.0.0 CD doesn't cause this. -pmb
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    Can I Download MacOS X for Free?

    Apple should make <b>everything</b> free! I want a cube! After all, that's a brand new product, and I'd be sure to help Apple get all the glitches out. Of course, I'd do this by posting online to random web forums about my problems instead of sending reports directly to Apple. But it's new...
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    Don't use telnet!

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    Removing OS X

    You <b>must</b> reformat a DP4 disk to install beta. The installer isn't forcing you to do this just because the installer engineers thought it would be cute. There are components in the DP4 installation that are not regular files in the filesystem that you can find and delete by hand...
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    Mac OS X Installation

    You'll need to borrow an Apple CDROM drive from someone. Make sure you send Apple a bug report with the details about your CDROM. -pmb
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    Cannot bless the system folder

    when you get the -44 error, is that when you're trying to start the very begining of the installation on the iMac? Are you getting that from the Mac OS 9 "Install Mac OS X" application?
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    Use burned CD more than once????

    Random problems with the CD are usualy caused by bits of dirt or scratches on the CD. Different CDROM drives can read "around" flaws in the CD with varrying success. -pmb