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    I want to save all my files and reinstall OS X.

    Hey all, I'm running 10.3.9, and was wondering if anyone has a good source or guide to help me through all the necessary steps so I don't screw anything up. Thanks, Chris
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    Possible Permissions Issues

    Edit: The icon for all of these apps is a pencil, paintbrush, and ruler in the shape of an 'A'. When I apple+click and go to get info on any of them, under 'Size' is says 'Calculating Size'. That seems weird to me. Yes, I did mean 10.3.9, sorry. As far as the apps are concerned, the same...
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    Possible Permissions Issues

    i'd like to add that I'm running OS X 10.6.9
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    Possible Permissions Issues

    Hey all! First post here, so here goes nothin: I'm a World of Warcraft player and I was doing a complete copy of the enitre WoW folder in order to play on 2 accounts at once. This was a long time ago but I'm pretty sure what happened is that it never finished copying and became an...