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    Intenet Connect

    I had a problem with 'selected device does not exist' or 'cannot connect' -after talking to apple (this is on a macbook, running Leopard via Airport' we just created a new location and that stopped the INTERNET CONNECT icon and erroneous (I was always online) message appearing.....
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    "internet connect" erronious message

    When starting up my mac book i am getting error message: Internet connect: the selected communication device does not exist. please verfiy your settings and try again. There doesnt seem to be actually any performance problem (i am connected) but it is simply annoying. I have noticed in...
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    Internet connect error pop up

    I have the same problem exactly, everything works fine but this message along with the internet connect icon pops up everytime I start up the macbook, and it only started happening a month or so ago, I must have done something but I don't know what! Any answers out there?