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  1. serpicolugnut

    Why isn't there right-click in OS X yet?

    Am I missing some part of the conversation? Apple does make a multi button mouse. The Mighty Mouse is a multi button mouse, it just comes configured with right click disabled. Apple does this because they still believe (wrongly or rightly, depending upon your opinions) that a single button is...
  2. serpicolugnut

    Congrats to serpicolugnut! :D

    Wow, googled my handle and found this. What a blast from the past! It's already been 7 years! Unfortunately, Halime is no longer developed. Still, we have better options like Unison.
  3. serpicolugnut


    If your Mac is less than one year old, you can purchase Applecare for it. I have Applecare on all my portables and my iMac. For machines that are being transported and are more susceptible to failure, I recommend it. However, the Macbook hard drive is ridiculously easy to replace. You can...
  4. serpicolugnut

    Leopard Reviews

    I picked up my copy at WWDC and had been using it since then. I still have it running on my iMac, but I took it off of my Macbook Pro (2.16ghz, 256MB VRAM, 2GB RAM, 1st gen). The reason was that the system idling was taking up so much CPU cycles that it constantly had the fans whirring on the...
  5. serpicolugnut

    How do you manage your passwords

    I use a combination of Wallet by Waterfall Software, and keyhchain. Wallet keeps all of my serial numbers, and other web login codes. Plus, Keychain stores the login/pass combo on just about every website I visit.
  6. serpicolugnut

    Vista Stinks... Here's Why...

    fryke - I don't remember any "minimize in place" feature being dropped pre-jaguar. Can you provide some details? I remember the first public viewing of Aqua - Jan. 2000 at MWSF featured a "single window mode" button next to the other Window buttons (close, minimize and maximize) that was...
  7. serpicolugnut

    Review: Windows Vista (compared to OS X)

    Pogue just ripped off the "comparison" that Bertrand Serlet did at WWDC2006 on Vista and OS X. Of course, the only people who saw WWDC were the developers and the geeks who watched the webcast....
  8. serpicolugnut


    Surprised I didn't see anybody post anything on this... Has everybody gotten their bundle? At $49, it's a steal. And if you own any of the apps in the bundle, you can gift them to others when you make your purchase.
  9. serpicolugnut

    MacBook Pro gets Core 2 Duo

    Looks like the C2D Macbook is upon us....
  10. serpicolugnut

    Leopard 'Spring 2007'..!

    What you need to understand is that this is a DEVELOPER preview. These are not the only features that will be in the final release. This release is intended for developers. I'm here at the conference, and I can tell you, this is going to be the biggest release since 10.0. The underlying...
  11. serpicolugnut

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    I'm here in the Moscone waiting for the keynote to begin. I'll post updates if the wifi will stay open. Cheers, SLN
  12. serpicolugnut

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    I doubt there will be a live stream. The last "live" showing off WWDC I saw was in 2004 at the Apple Store. I think Apple stopped broadcasting to the stores shortly after that. Apple usually has a QT stream of the event up later that day.
  13. serpicolugnut

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    I'll be there in person, but I don't think you can video tape the event without permission from Apple (which isn't going to happen). If I can get a wifi signal in the Moscone at that point, I will be posting updates over at Otherwise, I'll post a recap with pics after...
  14. serpicolugnut

    Wwdc Walk

    Where have you been dude? We've missed your non-sensical postings!
  15. serpicolugnut

    Apple should NOT do business with BEST BUY

    The author is correct in his assessment of Apple's presence in Best Buy stores in the past. Best Buy employees would steer customers away from the Macs and try to sell them a PC instead. However, I think Apple has learned its lesson and intends to staff the Best Buy stores with their own people...
  16. serpicolugnut

    Got a WWDC Scholarship!

    The airfare isn't too bad (only about $400 from ATL to SFO), but the real cost will be the hotel. Hopefully Apple will have a discount rate for the student developers, but I'm still expecting to pay at least $150/night. San Francisco isn't cheap, and staying down near Union Square can be quite...
  17. serpicolugnut

    Got a WWDC Scholarship!

    The requirements are that you are a registered student developer and you apply. Other than that, there were no prerequisites.