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  1. kilowatt

    Accessing Cloned Hard Drive

    At one time, there was an option if you selected a hard disk, pressed command-I, and checked "ignore permissions on this volume". I'm not sure if that is still there. In terms of altering the permissions, there are many options. Perhaps the easiest is: cd /Volumes/ ls chmod -R 777...
  2. kilowatt

    Has Mavericks killed iMovie HD?

    It is awful. The new and old version of iMovie are entirely different products. The old iMovie was so perfect and was sort of like a "simple and limited" version of FCP. The new version is... I don't know. Not useful, annoying, inflexible... I recommend you enable VNC Screen Sharing on your...
  3. kilowatt

    Any experience running WINE on Mac OS X?

    Wine is absolutely AMAZING. I am running LTSpice (circuit simulator) without any trouble. I have a few other applications that work through wine as well. In each case, I am totally blown away with the utility of this open source effort. It is also awesome that I don't have to install...
  4. kilowatt

    vim remap question

    Howdy folks, I have a question for the vi and vim masters out there. I am trying to map a key in vim to execute a search-and-replace command (for ## comments). The following command works perfectly if I just type it in: :s'<,'>g/^/norm I ## However, if I map it over to a key like...
  5. kilowatt

    [HOWTO] - Setup DHCPD (Server) on Mac OS X (Workstation)

    Hey, actually... I use vi almost exclusively now. I haven't used pico in years. This thread cracks me up, because it's the first result on google for "dhcpd macosx". But it's still a good thread I think. I first got to know vi when I had an older SGI computer and used a serial port...
  6. kilowatt

    Some basic Fiber questions.

    From what I've heard, the shielded cat 5 is better but not as quiet as I need it to be. There are other solutions too, like placing ferrite filters every few meters. But I don't think anything will be as quiet as optical fiber ;-) Thanks!
  7. kilowatt

    Some basic Fiber questions.

    Yeah, I saw those converter boxes, but they cost more than the NICs. And, I'd still have a short ethernet cable -- something I have to avoid. So there are no crossover cables. Does that mean I have to go into some kind of hub or switch? Or can point-to-point links just swap the TX and RX?
  8. kilowatt

    Some basic Fiber questions.

    Greetings, Due to an overwhelmingly high amount of RFI (radio interference) being generated by my wired ethernet network, I have decided to switch some of it over to fiber optic medium. This question isn't mac-specific obviously, but I think the folks here will know the answers faster than...
  9. kilowatt

    Best tool for undelete?

    Hello friends, My Dad just deleted a very important file off his computer (Leopard, ppc, HFS+). What is the best program to use for undelete? A quick search with google or macupdate reveals several programs. Impulsively, he already purchased one (" Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery...
  10. kilowatt

    Headphone jack on 24" iMac does not function

    Does anyone know, if I boot up from my 10.5 update CD, and I plug in head phones, should the speech come out of the headphones, or continue to come out the speakers? Mine comes out of the speakers, not the headphones. You can tell the installer to speak some dialog boxes in the...
  11. kilowatt

    ssh-keygen throws "Bus error"

    Check permissions on ~/.ssh. ls -ld ~/.ssh and maybe, if there is already a file present that you don't have permission to override. ls -lr ~/.ssh
  12. kilowatt

    (Another) Apple Hardware Test Error Code

    oops, didn't realize he had an older one.
  13. kilowatt

    (Another) Apple Hardware Test Error Code

    Take apart guide:: Getting the front panel off: Logic board: On another note, what problems does it have? I mean, besides the error code.
  14. kilowatt

    Headphone jack on 24" iMac does not function

    Greetings, When in plug in to the headphone jack on our 24" intel iMac, the audio continues to come out of the built-in speakers. I have tried plugging in all sorts of headphones, as well as amplifiers and such. The System Preferences, as well as the Audio MIDI Setup continue to only say...
  15. kilowatt

    bootpd (bootps) anyone?

    I hear you on internet sharing not working. I think it is badly implemented. What I do is as follows, and feel free to ask for details if I'm confusing. I connect to the internet, and I manually configure my "internal" (LAN) interface. I have a script that runs natd to share internet...
  16. kilowatt

    8 pounds, 2 ounces

    Hey thanks guys! I look forward to it too!
  17. kilowatt

    8 pounds, 2 ounces

    Born on the 12th. He's our first, and we just got him home. He's doing great! His name is Skyler.
  18. kilowatt

    Skype qs unexpectedly when isight activated

    I'm running an older beta of skype,, and it is working fine with my firewire-attached iSight on my Powerbook G4 (running tiger). I haven't tried yet though. A few ideas: Try downloading the latest firmware for your iSight camera from Even if you...
  19. kilowatt

    A new take on the powerbook G4 blank boot

    Maybe it's your PRAM battery. It sounds 100% hardware, so I wouldn't spend any more time suspecting the system.
  20. kilowatt

    Interesting form factor for a radio repeater

    It's only about half the heigth of the G5 tower (200mm vs 500mm)