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  1. JaViS

    Giants: Citizen Kabuto

    Cooooollll game !!!! A hole new world and game play... !!! But yepper there is a but... It tend to lock up and freeze (some files are for some reason defective) :( But for sure nice after a fix...
  2. JaViS

    stange: icons keep jumping in the dock but nothing happens!

    I have the same problems... Just funny that it is only Carbon apps that won't start... ie ICQ and Dragthing won't start but the terminal app and all other cocoa apps work normally... And the trick with command+s during boot (single user mode) and the fsck -y command make the carbon apps work...
  3. JaViS

    My Dilemma

    If you are new to the mac get the 733 it will rock... but hey if you are planning for some games too... get the GeForce 3 as a BTO since it will cost a fortune if you buy it from Apple later :)
  4. JaViS

    backing up osx

    We need to let go of classic and get on... I'm not saying that the DiskCopy solution doesn't work but we want to do it the X way ;)
  5. JaViS

    F14 and F15 in OSX.1

    And they also work in games which are Cocoa like Castle Wolfenstein and Q3 even during loading :)
  6. JaViS

    Cool Mac OS X Screenshot

    What is that thing they keep talking 'bout ?? :P
  7. JaViS


    I'm from Denmark...but please keep all posts in english... I don't think it would be very cool if everybody startet posting in there own language !! And yes I understand both german and norwegian !
  8. JaViS

    Package File Shown as a Folder?

    Delete these files from username/library/preferences... LSApplications LSClaimedTypes LSSchemes Log out and then log in again and all is normal ! :)
  9. JaViS

    Wot th' hell... Can't paste icon to HD

    Reinstall your OS (same version you have now) without deleting !!! See my post about Dragthing 4.2 !!! I also had a problem with pasting costom icons to my HD on the desktop (I simple got a full transparant one i.e. no icon at all)... but after my "OS update" I also got that problem fixed... :)
  10. JaViS

    DragThing 4.2 !

    Humm I tried to delete the mac.sym and the mach... the the machine wouldn't start... I just had a broken folder like one from system 6-7 except it was broken apart !!!! Hummm what to do... booted from the CD (10.1 5G64) and reinstalled without deleting... After the reboot every thing was fine...
  11. JaViS

    DragThing 4.2 !

    Just installed and when I tried to move my old "alias" from the dock the Dock seems to crash or reload :( I can't remove it and when I deleted the com.dock prefs file the dock became the standard size ect. Now the dock can't find IE 5 and mail app (since I moved the to another folder called...
  12. JaViS

    firmware upgrade and hanging computer

    What version of the firmware are you using ?? And what machine do you have ?
  13. JaViS

    damn you apple!

    Life sux and the you die !
  14. JaViS

    New hardware or upgrade current HW ???

    Get the new machine, don't waste your money upgrading... You use a fortune and after a short while it is worth nothing... People which might buy your used equipment will NOT pay the price of the cards, HD, RAM etc you put in your machine...
  15. JaViS

    trouble setting default application with Get Info

    I get the same sh.. if anybody knows the speak up and lets hear about it :)
  16. JaViS

    the Dock

    Hummm I tend to like the Dock for it's ability to have animated icons, I see this as a big over 9 since you can use it to monitor stuff and wouldn't it be cool if the ICQ client icon would pulse when there is a new message :). The also take advantage of this feature, showing number of...
  17. JaViS

    Images, error 192

    Normally I do that to... but seems I found the solution myself: log in at root.. get info on the HD with the system on. Set Owner "System" R/W... Group (could be "admin" and your user has to be part of that group, use netinfo find groups then see if your user name is listed) set it to R/W...
  18. JaViS

    Images, error 192

    When ever I try to mount an .dmg, .img or .smi I get an error 192 and the following output in the console app: Can't find dependency of extension Error loading module: missing dependency. hdid: LoadDiskImageDriver returned...
  19. JaViS


    Perfect... One advice: don't stay up too late playing cool games :):p