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  1. marknicosia

    columns view

    would be nice if, in column views, everything built from the right instead of the left. In other words, the right most panel should always be the one deepest in the hierarchy that you are looking at, whether it's the top level or 10 levels deep. As it is now, when i click on a folder I have...
  2. marknicosia

    What is your favorite piece of customization software?

    Not sure I could survive without LaunchBar
  3. marknicosia

    OmniWeb problems

    Is the grass green? Is the sky blue? Is the Pope Polish? Is Windows butt ugly? YES! :D
  4. marknicosia

    OmniWeb problems

    got it, and ... got it. Thanks, and... thanks. :) Mark
  5. marknicosia

    What do you name your macs ?

    Mac 512e: Pink (because I found several stick-on letters at my father's car dealership, and PINK was one of the only words I could make with the few letter i had. I stuck them on the front.) Mac SE: Silicon Menagerie (I don't know why.) Mac IIsi: Deep Pink (combining the name of my...
  6. marknicosia

    OmniWeb problems

    How do I get Web Internet Location documents to open in OmniWeb instead of Internet Explorer? Also, how do I get OmniWeb to open full screen (or at least bigger)? When i start OnmiWeb now, it doesn't seem to remember the size of the last window I was using. Thanks, Mark
  7. marknicosia

    iTunes Skin

    nice, and... nice!
  8. marknicosia


    In the Mail app, it seems about half the time i start up (I have Mail set as a start-up app) it tells me that user "my name" already has the file open, and opening it can cause the file to become damaged. I have the choice of quitting or open anyway. I always just "open anyway" and there...