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    Voice Messages via Email in MacOS X

    I'm not looking for IBM's ViaVoice. I want something that I can use to conveniently record my own voice and send it as an MP3 in via email. Surely something like this exists... :( Do you think Apple's working on something like this for the next version of the
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    Voice Messages via Email in MacOS X

    About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to use a NeXT computer, and I was able to easily send and receive voice messages via email. :cool: When I opened up a new mail message, there was a button to click to start recording, and then I just pressed send. The only disadvantage with that system...
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    Stuck At Blue Screen!!

    If I were you I'd do a clean install. It's simpler in the long run. I've also had a problem with hanging on bootup. After I enter my password the login application hangs before running the Finder. The login progress bar moves, but it never dissapears. I've left it running like that for 30-40...
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    Are Developer Tools Necessary?

    I'm not planning on writing applications, and it's unlikely I'll compile any in terminal. So is there any other reason for me to install the Developer Tools? I bought the retail version of 10.1 which comes with the disk. The only thing I ever compiled in MacOS were with AppleScript or...
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    Does 10.1 still require restart to use second monitor?

    I just tried it on my PowerBook (Pismo) and the second monitor started right up from sleep. It was the first time I'd used the second monitor since installing 10.1 on my FireWire HD, and it operates as smooth as it did in 9.1. :D