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  1. eric2006

    Diagnosing a 2009 Mac Pro - red LED, no boot

    Turned out to be the main logic board, not the CPU board. The USB power thing was a red herring, I don't see the caps lock light until I am booted into the OS.
  2. eric2006

    AppleTV 3rd Gen - Won't connect wirelessly to iTunes and films/TV shows stuttering

    What is your network setup? What kind of router/switch are you using?
  3. eric2006

    iDVD burning issue

    The SuperDrive is a normal DVD burner, any disk cleaner should work. I typically just spray inside the drive with compressed air though you do have to be careful to keep the can upright to avoid ice deposition. Also try burning from an image as I previously described.
  4. eric2006

    Diagnosing a 2009 Mac Pro - red LED, no boot

    Yeah, I would replace the logic board but I am a bit confused with this machine as the processor has its own board and that is where the error LED is lighting up. I did some additional searching and found that the light can be on on that board even if the error is on the main board. I think I...
  5. eric2006

    iDVD burning issue

    In addition to other suggestions, try creating a disk image file of your project (File -> Save as Disk Image). This will isolate if the problem is the iDVD program or your SuperDrive. If the image creates successfully, you can (try to) burn it in Disk Utility. Start Disk Utility, drag the image...
  6. eric2006

    Diagnosing a 2009 Mac Pro - red LED, no boot

    Hey guys, I'm working on fixing a 2009 Mac Pro (single CPU). It currently spins up and the power light is solid, but does not chime or have video output. It has a red LED on near the CPU heatsink (on the CPU board), and all diagnostic LEDs light up (when the button is pressed). I've tried...
  7. eric2006

    Recommendation on Journal/Writing Software

    Textedit is included with your Mac and is actually quite powerful as a text editor, while saving in standard formats that most editors can read. The only other simplistic editor I can think of off the top of my head is WriteRoom, which does a good job or removing distractions. It looks like you...
  8. eric2006

    Brand New Macbook Pro 17's on ebay ??

    Certain second-hand dealers will strip Macs of some of their hardware to bring the price down - sell the memory, change out the SuperDrive, downgrade the HD, sell the power adapter, etc. One of the nice things with Apple is that the AppleCare/warrenty will be entirely attached to the serial, so...
  9. eric2006

    Lion -- cannot move desktop icons

    If creating a new account works, I wonder if deleting the Desktop folder would cause OS X to create a new, working folder on your current account after a reboot. You would need to delete the folder from another account or force it in terminal as OS X will not want to cooperate. You should...
  10. eric2006

    Windows 7 VM on Mac

    You can find legal VM's of linux distros online if that will work for you. Windows VM's would require a windows license.
  11. eric2006

    Help with my G5 screen

    Try connecting an external monitor - this will tell you if the problem is related to the graphics chip or the LCD. You will need the dongle, if you go to an Apple Store they might let you borrow one to test on a monitor there(?).
  12. eric2006

    Transferring Files Between G5 And PC? Possible?

    Possible, yes. The easiest way to do this would be to get a switch or router (gigabit if your PC supports it for the fastest speeds), then connect the computers via ethernet (through the router). You could also do this with a crossover cable, though I haven't done a setup like this. You can...
  13. eric2006

    Diagnosing PowerMac G5 failures

    Got the 2.7 up and running! Apparently, the pump needs to be plugged in for it to boot. I had the CPUs on air-cooled heatsinks, when I plugged the pump in it chimed and booted right away. Also noted that it needs to have some sort of heatsink to power on - I tried to test the CPUs without...
  14. eric2006

    MacBook Pro Logic Board replacement options.

    Just to update - Got a quote from a local apple repair shop for a $440 flat rate. At an Apple store, they quoted $310, so the repair shop was probably just charging a markup on that. The genius said this option is available for Macs that are less than 5 years old. There's different tiers of...
  15. eric2006


    Physically, they may be in /Users/<YOU>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/<random>.default/ as key3.db and signons.sqlite unless they have changed it since '10 Source:
  16. eric2006

    iMac stuck at grey screen after logo scn

    In that case the HD is likely fine, as the install media should not require a working HD. Probably a RAM or logic board issue. It's a little strange that that booting from the HD is not causing a panic, though. I would try resetting the SMU, PRAM, etc...
  17. eric2006

    MacBook Pro Logic Board replacement options.

    Thanks, did not know about the flat-rate program. I can't find any mention of it on Apple's site so I'll have to see what they say on the phone or in the store. There's an AASP near me that may know something about it too. Would be great to get the new part + installed for less than the part...
  18. eric2006


    In my "Security" panel of the FF preferences, I see a "saved passwords" button that lets me view and delete saved passwords. Is this what you are looking for? Additionally, if you just type in the new password it should ask if you want to update the saved password, though I have not used Firefox...
  19. eric2006

    iMac stuck at grey screen after logo scn

    Hard drive can fail partially, so it's possible that the small size of the single-user boot is avoiding the bad sectors of the HD (not an expert on the single user mode bootup sequence, just my experience). Did you say you were still getting kernel panics booting from the install media?
  20. eric2006

    Frequent program crashes in Safari, Mail & Others

    Regarding dealing with "frozen" apps - you should be able to force quit by pressing command-option-esc, then selecting the app to force quit, or alt-tab out of the frozen app, and opening the force quit menu from the apple icon. Generally a good first step in troubleshooting software issues is...