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  1. powermac

    Strange issue

    Wow. The hunting Office story, sounds like a thriller novel in the making! ::evil:: After you remove Office 04, have you tried to restart the computer? How did you upgrade to Leopard? For example, upgrade, or archive ? I believe I read, awhile back, Office 2008 removal tool had trouble...
  2. powermac

    ibook g4 14' freezes at blue screen

    First, if you have installed anything on your own, like memory, make sure it is firmly in place. Second, when you put the install disc in and boot, hold down the C key until you know the computer is booting up on the CD and not the HD. Hopefully this will get you to the install screens from...
  3. powermac

    Word can't open new doc...

    Which version of Word are you using? What it sounds like it the Default Word Template is corrupt and causing the creation of a new document to crash the program. You can delete the file called "normal," with the Word icon. Restart MS Word and it should create another normal template "default"...
  4. powermac

    Problem transferring files to external HD

    What format is the drive you writing to?
  5. powermac

    Booting Back into OS X

    You can try to reboot the Mac holding down the X key while booting. If that does not work, you can hold down the option-command-shift-delete keys at start-up as well, this will allow you to select the start-up volume you want to boot into.
  6. powermac

    downloads for OSX

    I use my PB G4 for work purposes, and keep Tiger on it, works great. I keep Leopard for my Imac @ home.
  7. powermac

    WMV, MOV, and UNIX files

    You do not need Quicktime Pro. You have associated these videos files with Quicktime-Via Flip4Mac. On my computer, WMV files have the Quicktime icons, perhaps go over the steps again, and do a restart, or a least a log-out-log-in, and see what happens.
  8. powermac

    WMV, MOV, and UNIX files

    It sounds like you have Flip4Mac downloaded. What you need to do is associate .WMV files with Quicktime. First single click on a .WMV file, and bring open the info pane. You will notice toward the bottom of the info window is a section "Open With" drop down the men, and select Quicktime as the...
  9. powermac

    Want something like ImageReady for Leopard

    Graphic Converter is another great program for the Mac.
  10. powermac

    how slow will leopard be on my g4 ibook w/ 947mhz (?) and 512 mb ram?

    I run Leopard on a G4 1.5 PB with 1gig, admittedly a bit faster than yours, although I found disabling dashboard made OS significantly faster.
  11. powermac

    G3 with OS 8.6 Browsers?

    I personally like the, now older Netscape browsers for older Mac OS: If you like here are the links:
  12. powermac

    Unboxing photos of "brand-new" Apple IIc!

    Brings back some fond memories.
  13. powermac

    There Seems to Be More Mac Users Lately

    I am not familiar with what Genuine Advantage is?
  14. powermac

    Items for Sale

    Got a bluetooth Might Mouse for X-mas, although I don't care to use. Anyone interested, private message me. It was $45.00, I am willing to let it go for $30.00. I also have Vista Home Premium, willing to let it go for $80.00 or best offer.
  15. powermac

    Problems receiving Win XP attachments in MAIL

    Ok, not sure what it could be then.
  16. powermac

    Problems receiving Win XP attachments in MAIL

    It may depend on the file he is sending, and the size. His ISP may have a size limit.
  17. powermac

    Entourage 2008 issue

    Office 2008 can be installed alongside other versions, though the installer will offer to remove them. Trial versions must be removed, but I encountered no problems running Office 2004 and 2008 side by side except that only one copy of Entourage can run simultaneously. Please read...
  18. powermac

    Mac Email Client Questions

    I agree, Entourage works well with the Exchange Server at my job. Although some people have configured Apple Mail for Exchange use.
  19. powermac

    Entourage 2008 issue

    You would have no choice, Office 2008 & Office 2004 can't co-exist. You can try holding down the Option & R keys as you start Entourage. This will rebuild the database, it may or may not solve your problem though. The other alternative is to delete the Entourage Identity files, located in the...
  20. powermac

    There Seems to Be More Mac Users Lately

    Lately and in a few instances people told me they are switching to Mac because Vista is not attracting them. One of those people is my cousin who was a die-hard PC girl. She did not care for Vista, and went to the Mac. Of course she said, "should have done this long-time ago." LOL!!!