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    Corrupt Quark / Unexpected Quit?

    Won't load with fonts off. Still won't open on different user account. I've pretty much sucked it up and told myself it's gone and I have to redo it. Thanks for the help. Bunyan
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    Corrupt Quark / Unexpected Quit?

    Thanks for the response, I forgot to check email notification so I never received a notice. Anywho, I've tried opening it from my desktop to no avail. I have repaired permissions as well. The document contains 8 pages of images and text (various fonts). Fontbook tests all fonts to be OK...
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    Corrupt Quark / Unexpected Quit?

    I'm trying to open an 8 page catalog doc that everytime I try to open it causes Quark 6.5 to unexpectedly quit and give the following error: OS Version: 10.4.7 (Build 8J135) Report Version: 4 Command: QuarkXPress Path: /Applications/QuarkXPress 6.0/QuarkXPress/Contents/MacOS/QuarkXPress...
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    Connect G4 to Sony Rplcd Through Dvi>hdmi

    I'm trying to hookup my single 1.25G G4 to my Sony KDF55WF655 RPLCD via a DVI>HDMI cable. I get the gray start up screen but then it goes black (I think when it detects the res of the monitor) I've tried setting up a couple different resolutions via SwitchResX (TV's actual res, 1280x720, even...