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  1. Bluefusion

    Disappearing Task Bar Icons

    Well this is a little confusing... the "Taskbar" as you call it, according to you, is performing three distinct tasks, none of which make sense. Let me elaborate... the Mac OS X Dock, as the strip of icons at the bottom of your screen is called, holds programs on the left and documents on the...
  2. Bluefusion

    iTunes eating/deleting my music!! Help!

    OK... Here's the problem. After problems with 10.3.2 I reinitialized my drive and reinstalled 10.3 stock. I redid my entire iTunes Library, copying files back off my iPod and creating a new Library without ratings or any of that metadata. I then proceeded to Auto-Sync my iPod (3G). Everything...
  3. Bluefusion

    The "I'm Back" thread

    I just was wondering, who all has decided to come back? I figured this is the best place to get a response. So, everyone who left before, tell us if you've come back yet :) Obviously, I'm here, with a brand new avatar and (soon) a really cool sig! :)
  4. Bluefusion word association!

    McLaren F1
  5. Bluefusion

    Smiling moneky are nice... but

    I'm just not sure what I'm going to do, yet. I like MacFora better now, actually... but the community here is much more cohesive. I don't want to leave that. :) Hey, Admin could enable all the features MacFora has, couldn't he? They use the same BBS system! Here's what I'd like: 90 smilies...
  6. Bluefusion

    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    OK... well, at the moment, this is looking OK. Admin has TRIED to rectify the situation--it's not perfect for all of us, but he's very stressed (as should be obvious) and at least he's now starting to come back to his senses. I don't want to leave if I don't have to. I at least...
  7. Bluefusion


    Sym: yes, that's quite wierd, although that, at least, could have just been a coincidence. GameDog is willing to vouch for the fact that EVERY TIME I'm around him (or ABassCube for that matter) 11:02 will appear somewhere, not even just on the clock, and usually multiple times. There really is...
  8. Bluefusion

    Let's see if your real face looks better than your desktop. Post your pic!

    Hey, can I have an icon too? :)
  9. Bluefusion


    'Tis gone... GONNNNNE!!!!!!
  10. Bluefusion word association!

    No Sanctuary
  11. Bluefusion

    The Acronym Thread

    Certified Pissy CorporateExec :) LOL that will probably get censored now :) How 'bout DANE?
  12. Bluefusion word association!

    They're everywhere
  13. Bluefusion word association!

    Slow on the uptake
  14. Bluefusion

    Adobe crack down

    Yes. Without the Healing Brush, Image Browser, Pattern Maker and improved Web systems in ImageReady, I would not use Photoshop 7 at all. The Carbonization is NOT the reason I use it. It is for those four features alone. Until PSE7 comes out, it's not going to be easy to go back to 6 without them.
  15. Bluefusion word association!

    Awwww, Ed, you didn't get the Simpsons reference :( lol Well, we just have to go where it leads us. Bottles of Zyme (anyone played Deus Ex)
  16. Bluefusion word association!

    (: yvan eht nioj
  17. Bluefusion

    Adobe crack down

    I'd go along with this, but, um, there IS no Photoshop 7 LE. Sort of a problem. When one comes out, it WILL be a very good alternative. In the meantime, well... :)
  18. Bluefusion

    Adobe crack down

    Whatever happened to the Warez thread? My first post was in there, and it was one of the best I've done here on the boards... :) Ahh, here it is. Okease bring this thread back from the...
  19. Bluefusion

    Congrats to Bluefusion!!!

    Let's talk about controversial world events. What do people think of India & Pakistan?
  20. Bluefusion

    The Acronym Thread

    Applied Particles Participating in Linear Entropy :) lol i'm just making them up (BTW the answer to mine was Reality Distortion Field At MacWorld Expo New York) :) Anyone know this one? MACINTOSH