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    Press3 Reviews

    Gosh guys, I leave for a day or two. Ed, you're my hero. Everyone needs to take stock of their respective emotions, cut their losses, and try to move on. The issue is simply too charged and heated for it to be debated much further by those currently involved without it becoming personal...
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    Making a Start

    Deciding to 'define yourself' at an early (or late) stage of the game can end up being far less constructive than you think. My advice: program, but don't be a programmer. Design, but don't be a designer. Both titles carry far too many negative connotations these days :)
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    Press3 Reviews

    Thank for that extremely positive post and your unique perspective. Honestly. I'd feared we'd get nothing productive from this thread since the only people who appeared interested in talking about it were also the ones who were so jaded because of the whole mess. I admit my initial criticism...
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    Press3 Reviews

    Mindy... this thread is not a place to make petty comments regarding avatars or grammar. This issue is loaded for a lot of people involved, and I'm not sure that you've a full grasp of the situation or its history. The negative reviews aside, Press3's website perpetuates our questions. Actual...
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    Press3 Reviews

    Trip- that was EXCEEDINGLY eloquent. I'd attempted a few replies, touching on various points of yours, but thank you for saying that. Calling these a scam is not only unjustly accusative, but it's nearly illegal. Certifications require some kind of industry standing, and you need to be...
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    New Themes/Smileys

    If the colors are going to be secondary to the image, use tints and pastels to maintain the contrast within the details.
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    New Themes/Smileys

    You can make anything well defined at small scale by carefully increasing the stroke width. Since we're not worried about them looking nice when they're scaled up, we can ignore than and concentrate on small scale. Working large and then minimizing only works in vector format, when you can...
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    A humble request...

    I just thought of the whole 'salty ice pick' thing and thought it was amusing enough that I'd share. I was mostly referring to the entire plethora of them that members had/have/are sporting. It's hot as hell right now... oi.
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    A humble request...

    They are extremely effective :)
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    A humble request...

    Not to offend anyone who made them... but the recent-event avatars have the most god-awful colors I've ever seen! It's like someone's shining a floodlight into my eye sockets to distract me from the salty ice pick and red hot poker attacks that follow... ;)
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    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    Ben... your interpersonal skills are awe-inspiring. You are the one calling for a return to sanity at the end of a post heavily laden with flame-bait. Stop inciting members to riot.
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    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    I was dealing with fact and opinion separately ;)
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    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    This morning was a relatively good surprise to see things in a state of comparative repair. I think EVERYONE needs to swallow their pride. I think the admin has done that. I know how a lot of people feel their contribution to the community was SEVERELY devalued yesterday, and I agree for the...
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    [poop] on me

    The site seems to be exhibiting some severe bipolar disorder syndromes as of late...
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    filesystem for all?

    yeah... fat32 will definitely be the easiest way to go for you All three systems should simply -mount- the disk without trouble, and all support it very well.
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    Amazing Realization!!!! ........

    Solrac... my only question to you is who are you attempting to convince? Are you trying to be a software piracy evangelist? To encourage others to pirate software? Why do you care? Are you trying to convince yourself of your own innocence? Or, are you trying to repair your reputation in...
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    B/W G3 Traps on USB.Mouse in OS X (10.1)

    It's interesting how, as code bases become much larger and modular/independent of eachother, how many tiny bits of it can become corrupted without it being apparent. Back in the day, I remember downloading Winzip like 6 times because my 2400 baud modem was so dog slow. Grrrr.... Aren't...
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    IRC News

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    new adobe thread - expired serial number

    You are wrong. You can study from books at your local library, use interlibrary book exchange, apply for federal art grants, and use freely available graphics packages, such as the gimp or povray. Granted, these don't offer the full spectrum of what photoshop offers, but they are free. You...
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    Piracy Angels

    If you're reacting to my comments in another thread... I wasn't condemning piracy... only people who try and say that it isn't stealing, or behave as if it isn't. It's one thing to commit the act with full knowledge, accepting the risks and consequences... It's another to try to weasel...