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    10.1: localhost goes away... and other VirtualHost issues

    sudo nicl . cd /machines mk localhost cd localhost mk . ip_address cd .. mk broadcasthost cd broadcasthost mk . ip_address
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    10.1: localhost goes away... and other VirtualHost issues

    OK, if works and localhost doesn't something is broken... In Terminal, try "ping localhost" and see if you get any responses back. Should look like: [bartleby:~] wsanchez% ping localhost PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0...
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    10.1: localhost goes away... and other VirtualHost issues

    localhost is the name of the loopback address ( It's a network address to your computer which does not actually go over the wire. When you have IP over a network interface enabled, you get another address, and that address may also have a name, usually resolvable via DNS. 10.1...
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    wget missing?

    wget in 10.1 was replaced with curl, which is not GPL'ed. It offers pretty much the same functionality.
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    mounting /Users on a different partition

    I do this so that I can do a fresh install of the OS, because I've always had a distrust for software upgrades... What I do is I keep a 4GB partition for the system, and use the rest for my data. On the data disk (I name it "data" because I'm clever), I create a Users folder and make a link...
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    Command line crapola

    See hdiutil(1) for more info (man hdiutil).
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    G64 Proof!!!

    Mac OS X 10.1 ships with Darwin kernel 1.4. The next standalone Darwin release, which is almost exactly the same, will be 1.4.1. The .1 accounts for the fact that standalone Darwin has some code disabled because it cannot be open sourced. Software updates should bump the third version as...
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    netinfo configuration

    You can get some information about NetInfo from TIL:
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    Don't use telnet!

    Running any network service by default is bad for system security. That includes sshd. However, the plan going forward is that the UI controls for remote login will enable sshd instead of telnetd; telnet is deprecated in Mac OS X. ssh got into the Mac OS X build just before Beta shipped, so...