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    Register Here

    Cool, It will keep my HD20 company!
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    OSX Server ... worth it?

    The significant difference between OS X Server and OS X client is the Server Admin application (a GUI), the Macintosh Manager application, Netboot, and the QT Streaming server. Basically, except for Server Admin and Macintosh Manager, what you want to do can be done just as easily from the...
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    Server X 10.1 Upgrade

    The 10.1 Server upgrade is virtually identical to the 10.1 client. You need to boot from the update CD, but then things proceed "normally." It is intended to be an update. I'm waiting for my kit to appear.... I believe that the Server update will contain 4 CDs -- 10.1 Server...
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    Getting OS X to forward mail.

    You can also use sendmail's alias file. You would do this especially if you want to forward mail for people for whom you have NOT created an account on your server. If you have one or two users, then .forward files are fine, but otherwise the necessity to setup accounts and to maintain...
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    Finding update contents

    If you are comfortable with the command line, ie terminal, the information about "what" is in an update can be found in the directory /library/receipts/ in a file called <>.bom. <P> A utility called "lsbom" will read that file and tell you what was in the "bill of materials" processed by the...
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    is osx a true unix system

    Been away for a week -- wonderful post -- you only neglected to mention that "Unix(tm) Branding" costs money.<P> As for a one-button mouse... what's a mouse? I've been using trackballs now for - forever. Logitech, Kensington, etc. all have been multi-button. However, while they work with OSX...
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    Give me a BREAK

    One thing to remember about OS X.... it is a REAL operating system. The old Mac OS was not much different than DOS -- it never quite got out of the way as DOS did when a program was running, but it did get most of itself out of the way, leaving the application program 100% of the CPU. <P> OS X...
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    Mac OS X 10.0.1 Update Available

    As best I have been able to find out, Apple has not documented what this update does. The most important "undocumented feature" appears to be the re-installation (and activation?) of SSH. <br> [Note: you cannot find this from the Finder, only from the Command line, ie terminal window.] <br>...
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    Open Office

    My understanding is that what Sun just released has already been ported -- they supposedly relased both source and binaries.
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    Give me a BREAK

    After multiple installs on a G4 2X500 256meg, a blue G3 with 128 meg, and an original maxed out iBook. I have determined the following to be VERY true. <br> OSX runs like a pig if you upgrade from 9.0.4 to 9.1 and then install OS X. <br> OSX runs like a pig if you have an old (but clean) 9.1...
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    Best video card for OS X

    Today, you have no option other than Apple branded "stuff." OS X will eventually support third-party stuff, but that is still in its future. <P> Which video card is probably not much more than a he-said/she-said kind of thing now that both the Radeon and Geforce are available. The differences...
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    Lexmark Printer Drivers

    The previous url is non-functional. <P> However, if you install the Lexmark drivers under 9.1 they allow you to pick the printer and use it from that side. <P> I'm working with an Opticolor 1200 with no problems. <P>
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    SUN or Apple iMac (I am not a wintrol or anti-mac)

    It all depends upon your time-frame. OS X Beta is just that, a beta. The OS is rock solid, it has been around for several years now as OSX server. That world is pretty much Unix. I find it interesting that you find no applications for Solaris. Living most of the day in the tru64 Alpha...