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    Installing osx tiger hung my mac HELP!

    I would really appreciate any thoughts. I decided to take the plunge and install Tiger on my trusty G4 gigbit ethernet 400 10.3.9 mac. Went and got the dvd inserted it and clicked on the "install Mac OS X" icon, isx asked for my passwaord then restarted- normal right? that's the same thing it...
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    Osx tiger install hung my mac

    I have g4 gigabit ethernet 400 that itried to install osx tiger on. ihave tried everything from uninstalling 3rd party hardware to resetting pram which it won't let me do. it had 10.3.9 and i should have left it alone. so now no matter what drive i try or disc or key combo it just comes up to...
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    10.2.8 Mouse Preferences Won't Run

    This service is soooo excellent. We have a ibook G3 500 and a g4 400 both just got 10.2.8. Neither will run the mouse control panel from system preferences, all it says is "Preferences Error" no number, no anything. All help is greatly appreciated.