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    can't open Users Sys Pref in 10.1

    Anyone know the solution to this problem ? It just sits there opening and spinning the coloured CD icon. I think its related to the long time (5 minutes) it takes to log out. Michael
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    really slow (5 minutes) logout

    On my tibook with 10.1 about 90% of the time I get a really slow logout that takes 5 minutes. Login is fast. This even happens if I login and log straight out again. I guess one solution is back it up and do a clean install. But then I have to install Fink, XFree, teTeX and run Fink...
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    gNAT - software base station OK but no DNS ?

    I have a G4 tower connected to ethernet with an internal airport card and a G4 TiBook with airport card. I have been experimenting with gNAT the apple tool for sharing IP's that can be used to set up a sort of software base station. I can get the TiBook to talk to the internet by setting...
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    Have a look over at the forums on Somebody there has posted a fix to get Airport to work. Lots of people are saying it works for them. But it is only for machines with airport cards - no good for PC cards like my PB Wallstreet :-( Michael