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    Sonnet processor upgrade

    it overloads just playing A virtual instrument while the sequencer is running (not always but frequently enough). Basically I'm wondering if the processor upgrade will significantly improve the problem (will I be getting the bang for my buck), or are there cheaper alternatives.....etc...etc...
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    Sonnet processor upgrade

    Hey fellas, I'm running logic studio 8 on a g4 mdd dual 1.25, the ram is almost maxed out (1.8 gb ddr i think). I'm getting CPU overloads while running virtual instruments and the sequencer at the same time. So I was thinking of buying the sonnet dual 1.8 upgrade (600 dollars...
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    G4 MDD Video card compatibility

    Hello, I just took the Geforce fx 5200 128 mb card out of my Pc and am wondering if it will work in my G4 Mdd dual 1.25 (fw 800). I've seen some posts saying it will on other sites and some saying it wont and can potentially harm the motherboard. Thanks for your time!