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    Register Here

    Please register me for the MACOSX.COM Ghost of Christmas Past Mac Plus Giveaway. :p
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    To airport or not to airport?

    Get a basic networking hub with enough ports for all the hardwired items ($30-$50). That would inlclude the DSL modem, the Airport and any desktop PC's that are located "within wiring distance." Connect all those to the hub and configure the Airport to do DHCP and NAT. Configure all of the...
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    Website Creation Tools

    BSDimwit, Ignore all the folks who dis GUI editors. The bad thing about them (the GUI editors, not the foks who dis them) is that people misuse them. Obviously, being able to code by hand is a requirement for making any half-decent site, but to waste your time typing common tags is silly...
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    how can I connect a G4 imac to a pc network ?

    You may be able to use the SMB protocol. I've used it in a couple of workplaces to connect to NT networks. It allows me to mount NT drives. Check out
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    TiBook with a 22" Apple Cinema Display?

    According to the Apple site, the Video connection to which you are referring (I think) is a Mini-VGA output port. I don't know why, but it requires a VGA display adapter. It provides support for video mirroring: external devices display an image identical to that shown on the built-in display...
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    iBook display problems

    The LCD on my original (Tangerine) iBook is having problems. It's as though the power is fading - little brownout-like burps in brightness. It does seem to get a little better after warming up but the problems don't go away. They just get less frequent. I've observed the behavior with the...
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    TiBook with a 22" Apple Cinema Display?

    I use a 22" Cinema Display at the office. There's no way that it could be part of a portable system. When I first picked it up, I was surprised at the weight. It's not as heavy as a 21" CRT, but it's WAY to heavy to lug around.
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    Php ??????

    Go to Mark Liyanage's site. He has complete instructions for installing, configuring, and starting PHP. He also has the same for MySQL and some other stuff, too.
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    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    I think you're right, GFive. I use Earthlink DSL and I have to use for mine to work. I've been able to get to work, but not consistently. The POP server is still Good luck, macAudiX - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Value freedom? Check out...
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    Can't Preview with Dreamweaver

    I can't add IE to Dreamweaver's "Preview in Browser" list. It doesn't recognize OS X apps. I'm used to hitting F12 and Shift-F12 constantly during the development process. Any idea if this is possible, or if there's any alternative? Thanks in advance, macAudiX
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    Jaguar - Mac OS X 10.2

    Look in /System/Library/CoreServices/ and you'll find Classic Startup. Put that into your dock to launch OS 9 at any time without needing to open the Prefs or an OS 9 app.
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    24 Hours of Macs

    Fox's new series, 24 Hours, is full of Macs. The show is about a twenty four hour period in the lives of an anti-terrorist team. The team leader, played by Kiefer Sutherland, has an office with a Ti-Book, a Cube, and a G4. The workfloor shows Apple monitors. Kiefer's wife uses a Ti-Book and his...
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    Source for Office X apps/demos?

    On many of the screenshots I've seen, there are Office X icons in the dock. Not just Word, but the other apps as well. Are these available as demos? All I can find on the MS site is the Word Test Drive. I'm planning on upgrading Office, but until then, I'd like to open Classic as little as...