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    Expansion bay CD drive died? Or is it the Bay? replacements?

    Thanks, Boss... ;) The VST has long been kinda flaky, so I am not confident in any diagnosis it contributes to. I did take your advice re: the apple service center, however -- and was able to boot from a cd module that the shop has in its rental Lombard... So I am figuring that it is the...
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    Expansion bay CD drive died? Or is it the Bay? replacements?

    I think that the original expansion bay cd drive in my Lombard 333 has died -- cds have been spinning up slower and slower and more laboriously, and now they don't mount at all... and these same cds mount fine in my FW CDRW. How can I tell if it is the drive that has died, or whether it is a...
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    Lombard PowerBooks and OS X

    my experience mirrors that of stephanec and G4Mystic. Not great performance, but good enough ( i don't do heavy graphics or games). Good enough of a trade off for me from OS 9, to take the performance hit in exchange for the stability, the protected memory, and the multitasking.
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    There are a lot of different flavors of UNIX and other *nixen. Apps need to be ported to Darwin on the PPC to run on the Mac. Check out: both projects dedicated to porting *nix apps to Darwin on the Mac. It is relatively...
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    OS 10.1 - how to back up system and files?

    if you run the command "ditto" in the CLI, without any variables, (i.e., just "ditto") you get the following usage guide (this applies for all UNIX commands, the usage guide): Usage: ditto [-v] [-V] [-arch archVal] [-bom bomFile] [-rsrcFork] src [ ... src] dst -v print a line...
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    Can I make an AppleScript to display Uptime in dialog?

    display dialog (Shell "uptime") buttons {"OK"} of course, if you want an applet that you can double-click rather than run in script menu, you'll have to save as compiled
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    Do I really need Office X ???? Apple Works okay???

    I really like Office:mac, mostly using Word and Entourage. Good and solid. But, that said I agree absolutely that proprietary formats suck and that MS and the rest of them should be forced to provide free readers. That would take care of the occasional recipient or other platform reader...
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    No Floppy Drive Support in OS X??

    Dradts -- I imagine that some might not have or be able to afford cd-r drives. Plus, a lot of people (though not me) still use floppies to exchange small files/data, etc. Strangely, my expansion bay VST floppy drive now *works* in my Powebook G3 lombard... it didn't under earlier...
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    translation of log file on CDRW read failure?

    Can any UNIX savvy people help me comprehend what this means? I copied the below from my console.log -- I think that it is from the point where I loaded a CDRW with data files into my firewire CDRW, which for some reason doesn't either read or properly write CDRWs under X...
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    where is log that logs app crashes?

    Hi, can someone let me know which log logs application crashes? I looked in both console.log and system.log for info on my most recent crash (IE, of course ;-), but can't find any references that seem to be it. thanks!
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    Any s/w that properly burns CDRWs under X?

    yes, that is true. Disk Utility erases CDRWs (otherwise I would have run out of media for my frustrating tests! ;-) Here's an interesting update -- inferring from JackShedd's post that some of the X apps might be able to write single-track CDRWs, I tried and was successful in burning a disk...
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    Any s/w that properly burns CDRWs under X?

    When you say that no s/w supports multi-track burning to CDRWs, is the implication that a single track, say a disk image, will burn correctly? I hadn't tried this, although if it works that will be fine for b/u purposes... I wasn't expecting it in Toast since the readme said no support (I...
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    Any s/w that properly burns CDRWs under X?

    Is anyone aware of any s/w that burns CDRWs properly in X -- I have no luck in Toast P2 (I knew this going in), iTunes 2, or the Finder.... thanks!
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    Interface is not stable? What?

    Well, I didnt' know that. Does the Finder's burner support *burning* to CDRWs in non-superdrive CDRW drives? Here's my current boggle -- I just got a new EZQuest Boa 16x10x40 Firewire drive, and a FW cardbus card for my Pbk Lombard 333 (bronze). I had been testing out the burner using CDRW...
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    Interface is not stable? What?

    It is my understanding that Toast X P1 and P2 do not yet support erasure via firewire. I think that this is in the readme, although couldn't swear to it.
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    weird burning probs in X with Finder and Toast

    Having difficulty burning images that X will read under the Finder and Toast P2, under 10.1. Here's my hardware: Powerbook g3 Lombard ("bronze" 1999) 333mhz 320 RAM 4HD keyspan firewire Cardbus card in the cardbus slot EZQuest Boa 16x10x40 CDRW firewire attached to the cardbus Here...
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    MacOS X Compatable Scanners?

    I have the AGFA SnapScan Touch... lower-end but very serviceable, that I bought in 1999 or early 2000. It works fine under X 10.1, and I have a relatively underpowered Lombard 333. AGFA recently released the scanner software Scanwise for X, and it works well. If I recall, the scanner cost...
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    Source for Office X apps/demos?

    Why not just wait to see what M$ does upon the release of v.X? It is possible that they might release an Entourage standalone, or bundled w/ Word, or maybe even an Entourage light? How could they just not provide any replacement for Outlook, on X -- unless they have a secret arrangement with...
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    Jaguar - Mac OS X 10.2

    I agree with all of the above, and would add multiple login sessions. Administrators, at least, should be able to run multiple logins -- say one admin and one root session... There should be some sort of secure switching, so that all the sessions could be running at once, but to switch...
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    recommend firewire cardbus card for Powerbook under X?

    I'm contemplating buying a firewire CDRW, and need a recommendation as to which Firewire cardbus cards work under OSX. My system: Powerbook G3 "Lombard" ("bronze keyboard") 333mhz 320RAM 4HD OSX 10.1 thanks! mike:)