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    Recompuling linux apps

    Ah, to get that to compile you need X windows (like XFree86 or possibly tenons Xtools). That is the linker complaining that it can't find the X graphics and event functions. Try this link for XFree86 on Darwin. -chris
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    X client for OSX?

    Does anyone know of an X client apps for OSX? I don't need to display X on the mac, just xterms and such on my other machines with X servers. When I get a chance, I'll see if I can just start up the client applications of the Darwin XFree86 port. -chris [Edited by cft on 10-31-2000 at...
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    Recompuling linux apps

    Just remove the -lm from the args. There seems to be no need to explicitly link in the math libraries (or other libraries like pthread). -chris
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    Recompuling linux apps

    I got the terminal version of vim to compile with only one minor source change (something to do with function delclaration, nothing big). -chris
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    perl on os X

    I got vim to compile, let me know if you would like the binary. I didn't get gvim done, but w/o X that is a little more of a porting job than I have time for :) -chris