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    Syncing Safari and Firefox...

    What I'd really like to do is to sync my bookmarks in .Mac with my bookmarks in Google Browser Sync. I have two Macs that sync their Safari browsers with .Mac, then I also use Virtual PC with Firefox, and my work PC has Firefox too. I know the simple solution is to just use Firefox for...
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    Loss of (some) Audio In Tiger

    great googly mooly!!! It worked! I opened GarageBand... played a sample song..... t then i went to newsgrounds in safari and BBC and it worked! what a interesting solution to such an odd problem.
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    Loss of (some) Audio In Tiger

    hmm...i have no external sound devices... just the plain ol mini mac by itself. I'll try loading GarageBand tonight and see if that helps and report back here. It's such an odd problem... the system sounds work, iTunes works... but like any audio in Safari or RealPlayer is like muted...
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    Loss of (some) Audio In Tiger

    I am having this exact same problem. Any ideas? I'd hate to do a reinstall of tiger.
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    Bluetooth Suddenly Stopped Working

    Hello, Ok, so I have been using bluetooth for a while on my PowerBook G4 with Tiger and suddenly it just decided to not work anymore. I can't get it to sync to my phone or even use my bluetooth mouse. It seems like this all started when I applied the most recent Bluetooth Update through...