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    An Interesting PHP Problem...

    Hi you can use this works fine function cutting($news) { $cut = 400; $ln = 20; if ( strlen($news) > ($cut + $ln)) { $before = substr($news,$cut-$ln,$ln); $after = substr($news,$cut,$ln); $pos = $cut; if ( strrpos($before,".") ) $a = $ln -...
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    PHP: do I need to srand() this random number?

    Hi well you can skip the rand line and use this instead $result_count_=_mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(lyric_id) FROM lyrics ORDER BY RAND()", $link); or $result_count_=_mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(lyric_id) FROM lyrics ORDER BY RAND() limit 0,1", $link); That should do it
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    how to connect distant mysql server with terminal ??

    Is ther anyone here knowing how to connect from the terminal to a distant mysql server. Connecting with other apps is common known so that part i know but i wanted to find a different way, to possibly use applescript studio to do an app. Thanks
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    Stufflit Won't work after reinstall

    Hi all i got problem that i don't understand. i've done a reinstall of the system since i had kernel panics. checked the disk with first aid. no problems. so i installed 10.2 over my current sys then downloaded the standalone updater files .1 .2 .3 .4 installed one after an other. Now i...
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    Unresolved kernel trap

    Hi all! I'm really annoyed since a couple of days ago. I reinstalled osx .2 + did the updates to .2.4 and know i get these kind of problems Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 1): 0x300 - Data access DAR=0x00000004 PC=0x0008cb98 Latest crash info for cpu 1: Exception state...
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    Register Here

    Thanks for the invitation to register. Good work with this helpful site Thanks
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    photosmart and jaguar you will find all the drivers for photosmart except the photosmart 100
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    photosmart and jaguar

    try to enable your printer with cups it could work check this page i got my usb epson 580 to work without any problems it should work for the photosmart 1000
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    photosmart and jaguar

    if you haven't done it yet go to;jsessionid=SF42VPX03AYZ5QEXGR5UOSQ?reg=&cc=&prodId=hpphotosma43053&lc=en&softitem=Mac%20OS%20X&sw_lang=en and download the driver hope it works
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    new website about osxdrivers

    Hi all! seeing all the problems and research to find osxdrivers for old hardware. (webcam, printers, etc...) I created a new site with the purpose to share the info with everybody. I could use some help from anyone that wants to give a hand to put some links in the base. check it...
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    webmin problem

    found the solutions they just updated webmin to version1.000 and it configures it perfectly(automatically)
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    webmin problem

    hi all mac entousiasts. Since i upgraded to jaguar i have problem whin webmin. It loads well but can't configure apache webserver. Have they changed the path's. check the picture attached. could someone tell me what to change there. Thanks a lot Apache server root...
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    does anyone know about ethernet pc cards working on mac

    Do this cards work on OSX? Have you tested them?
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    does anyone know about ethernet pc cards working on mac

    I have a couple of ethernet cards from scratch pc machines at work (as usual) and i would like to use if possible a pc card to make a network at home with my ibook and g4 bi 500 and a pc (i have a hub) to be able to connect to the internet with my dsl connection. I have tried one card a dlink...
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    Joke or ad teasing

    I went on this site and clicked on the link (Ben Lachman’s gNAT utility) to download the app gNAT and it took me to versiontracker. Stuned and surprised i saw the main screen of versiontracker black with an animation coming from the right (two beautiful legs with...
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    apache 2.0 php problem

    Hi have installed apache 2.0(in /usr/local/apache/ and php version 4.06) Loadmodule works fine but not php it gives at a apachectl restart this /usr/sbin/apachectl graceful: httpd not running, trying to start Syntax error on line 246 of /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load...
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    PHP4 what am I doing stupidly?

    I've done everything right and now i get this when php is activated dyld: /usr/sbin/httpd multiple definitions of symbol _XML_DefaultCurrent /usr/sbin/httpd definition of _XML_DefaultCurrent /System/Library/Apache/Modules/ definition of _XML_DefaultCurrent What can i do to...
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    OS X and Apache 2.0.x

    I found this link on the net to configure apache 2.0 installed as told but no succes If someone do with success this install tell me and i will retry regards
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    mysql.sock problems

    mysql works fine localhost:lib/apache/1.3] ragengs% ps aux | grep 'mysql' root 222 0.0 0.1 1732 292 ?? S 0:00.11 sh /usr/local/bin/safe_mysqld root 250 0.0 0.3 11408 792 ?? S 0:00.19 /usr/local/libexec/mysqld ragengs 1051 0.0 0.1 1368...