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    [HOWTO] - DVD Player 3.0 on B&W G3's

    Get the processor upgrade. I have an XLR8 500hz G3. (Will work without software in X.) Video on DVD is smooth. :)
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    DVD Player Update is out...

    The installer will not even try to process the update.... My hot-rod Beige is currently running the hacked v3 just fine. -Kbray
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    Weird success with 10.1 on Beige G3

    You are right about the requirement, as the installer will remind you. I had to partition a 20gig drive into an 8 gig drive (first 8 gig) and a 12 gig. Then install is no problem. Or find a drive smaller than 8 gigs.
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    They Bounce forever...

    My problem is fixed. My main user regained the ability to use applications by tossing all the iTunes (2.02) preference files. Other users I created could use the system just fine. Filesystem was not the problem.
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    They Bounce forever...

    Not only are my carbon apps boucing forever (I can launch some small utilities), BUT I cannot reboot without a reset. It freezes on the blue screen. I have fixed the filesystem with Norton 6.02 under 9.2.1, but that did not help. Is fsck better? How do I acheive "single user mode?"...
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    [HOWTO] - DVD Player 3.0 on B&W G3's

    The second download works on my Beige G3 with Radeon PCI and Toshiba DVD Rom. cool.
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    Does 10.1 run faster on older G3's?

    Runs good on my 266 (upgrade to 500). Everything is improved, especially the action of the finder. Also, some openGL stuff would not work for me on previous versions, but now everything (Quake) does. -KB:)
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    Manhattan 10.1 update availability

    At 3pm CompUSA was out of disks at 5th Ave. Apple rep said that Datavision across the street didn't get their FedEx delivery, so they will get theirs on Monday. Apple rep gave an upgrade (or Full install?) pack no questions asked at Tekserve at 4pm. -KB
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    Weird success with 10.1 on Beige G3

    I have a 266 with an XLR8 upgrade to 500. Keyspan firewire. No probs. Except it won't see my SCSI Yamaha burner...
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    OrangeLink FireWire/USB PCI Board & Mac OS X

    I have the Keyspan firewire PCI card, and its working fine without drivers. I have a disk on it. -KB
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    Broken System Folder on OSX CD.

    I also get the broken sys folder icon when installing off a Yamaha SCSI CDR. I guess I will try to get the original CD rom working again, it has a conflict with 20g seagate ata.