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    Should I upgrade? kind of slow in developing updates for scanners especially the older ones, not only for OS X.
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    Mac Os X on a PC?

    .....I met tells me that Linux would make them a better day, IF it wasn´t that hard to admin. OS X is more or less what they asking for, but they doesn´t understand it.......yet! It´s like in the resturant, PC users tend to stick whit the shit they got and don´t even bother to look what´s out...
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    Mac Os X on a PC?

    Just give them some time........sooner or later they have to face the fact! Good story doo, tru for the moment. But I hope they will come to their senses and look at OsX as a nice alternative windblows......... Maybye I should let this rest now......... :)
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    Mac Os X on a PC?

    Do u wnat me to send you a CD? It´s on the net if you wnat to downloadit.......... I´m not dreaming cause I downloaded and installed it! Just send me a reply and I send u the disk if you´re not living in Africa or some other part of the world where it will cost me a fortune to send it.......
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    Mac Os X on a PC? problem, just search the Apple site for Darwin..........I got it and installed it, it works fine.....not like in the Mac but I´m pretty sure that it´s not far away. What I can´t understand is why Apple doesn´t speaks about it?
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    Should I upgrade?

    OS X is based on UNIX so exept for some namechanges and so on I would say it´s more or less the same as BSD. Im in to Linux and IRIX and had no problems to get in to OS X. :) Dissagrements?
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    List of software?

    I use those applications for graphical work (Print and Web). One of the most important parts of my work is fonts. I´ll guess that a carbonized application can´t use the fonts that´s opened in OS 9.1?
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    ICQ !!!

    .....on their homepage
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    List of software?

    The information that´s most important is if Adobe is going to release their software (Acrobat, PS, AI, InDesign and ATM).
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    List of software?

    Can somebody help me? I´ve been looking for a site where I can find information about wich developers that are going to release their software for MacOs X...............CAN`T FIND IT!