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    10.1 update image type?

    Whoops, let me explain the circumstances: The only CD-R drive I have access to is at work, on a (gag) Win2K box, and yes, no Macs to be found here. I was hoping to open up this image on my own Linux box, and access (& burn) the image contents via network shares or NFS. The only real...
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    10.1 update image type?

    Hey all: What kind of disk image is the 10.1 update? UFS? HFS? I'm trying to mount the image on a Linux box so I can burn the contents, not just the image file itself. Thx in advance....
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    Uploading 10.1 img to

    Doing so right now. Have *been* doing so for some time. Yoy. it should be finished RSN.
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    Uploading 10.1 img to

    Folks, maybe I'm being daft, but the upload I tried before going to bed last night never finished. In fact, the image isn't there. Must be that "24 hour" rule in the notes, but very improperly enforced I must say.. I'll try again, but don't expect miracles..
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    Uploading 10.1 img to

    Hey all -- I'm uploading the image we all covet to the addy in the subject line. Note that it ain't quite out of altruism. I tried to use the image from macavenger without a CD-RW drive, to no avail. (No separate partitions on my disk. =-( ) So, I'm planning on d/l'ing this image from...
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    cout and cin

    IIRC you need to either "tie" the streams together, or use the "in_avail()" method of cin. I'm not up on the actual syntax or method calls, but Stroustrup addresses this very issue in the 3rd edition of "The C++ Programming Language". <p>Using endl and flush to acheive your goals may just be a...
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    Getting Bosch to work (free PC emulator)

    <p>I've played with it, and installed FreeDOS, but that's the extent of it. Bochs compiles rather cleanly under OS X, and yes, I can get (gasp!) a DOS window to appear. <p>The big hurdles I've seen so far occur during a Windows install. For example, you can't access the /dev/cdrom device as in...
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    Objective C: where to learn?

    <p>Hey all, <br>I'm looking for a decent resource on programming in Objective C for C/C++ programmers. Can anyone point me to a decent on-line resource? <p>Note: I do have the OS X Dev Tools CD, for what it's worth. <p>Cheers..