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    Need a link

    Thanks, I had tried that link myself but when you follow it, you get an error stating the software can't be found.
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    Need a link

    Good morning. I am in need of a link to download Mac OS X Catalina. I have searched all over and I just can't find a link to it. Does anyone here have a link to it? I am trying to re-install it on an old MacBook Air 2013. It is currently running 10.8.5. TIA, Javier
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    Installing Mac OS from external hard drive

    Thanks for the response. The hard drive is empty, no OS on it. While booting up, I pressed the command key and 'R' for recovery over the internet. I attempted this several times, at least four. The error stated something about download error. I need to get this done as soon as possible...
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    Installing Mac OS from external hard drive

    I have an old MacBook pro (late 2011). I have tried to install the OS via the internet but keep getting errors. I have a second hard drive that has Sierra installed on it. I would like to use this second drive to install the OS on the first machine. There is one thing however. I want to...
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    Time Machine in High Sierra beings to prepare. Stops.

    Here is the error message that was reported by TimeMachine. Please advice. Javier
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    Time Machine in High Sierra beings to prepare. Stops.

    I have the same situation. I have a NAS system with 1.3T. I ended up deleting the entire backup streams as it would take hours preparing to take a backup. Yesterday, 4-20-2019, I started a brand new stream of backups at about 2 PM. I left the laptop running overnight only to find that the...
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    I have a mysql database where I keep track of some information. Currently, I enter all information from within a terminal session. I would like to change it up a bit. My intention is to create a local web page where I can enter the information into the database. I tried to enable php in my...
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    Airdrop And Os X 10.10.3

    Well, I installed the latest version of the OS to both machines. This new version does not fix the "AirDrop" problem I described on my original post. Javier
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    Airdrop And Os X 10.10.3

    I took a look at the description for the new version of the OS. It doesn't mention fixing my problem. Have you installed this new version and tested AirDrop?
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    Airdrop And Os X 10.10.3

    I recently updated both my MB as well as my wife's MBA to 10.10.3. Now I realize that AirDrop does not work. I searched on Google where it was suggested to log off of iCloud and to log back into it. This was supposed to fix the problem. I didn't see what or how that would fix the problem but...
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    Mysql Ver 5.6.17 Does't Start Automatically On 10.10.2

    I know I have seen posts on the web from many people who are having the same issue that I am experiencing now. I have an instance of Mysql that I first installed when I was running Lion. After upgrading to the latest and greatest, I am forced to start the instance manually now. While it is...
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    Time Machine backups

    I know there is not much as far as telling time machine what folders to backup, but how can you specify to restore files that are contained inside of a database? I know that Mysql holds the database files in "/usr/local/mysql/data/dbname". However I could not navigate to that folder location...
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    How to mount old HD via USB

    I recently removed my old HD from my MBPro and installed a new SSD. It is all working fine except for a Mysql database which did not make the transition. I still have the original hd. Is there a way to either boot off an external USB drive (old hd) or how can I mount it in order to obtain the...
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    USB dongle not recognized

    I have a USB dongle that I keep inserted into one of the two USB ports on my MacBook Pro. It would always work just fine until after I upgraded to OS X 10.9. Now I need to remove the dongle and re-insert it before it is recognized. I know this is due to the recent upgrade of the OS I just...
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    Mavericks and MySql 5.5.28

    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum but I was wondering if anyone has tested the new OS with MySql? I have installed MySql 10.8.5 and it is working just fine but I hear that the new OS is supposed to increase your battery life. I would hate to upgrade the OS just to find out that I can no...
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    How to remove extra partition under 10.8.4

    I have a mbp with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core I7 with 500Gb hd. I created a second partition to keep some some data encrypted. I no longer need to keep any data encrypted so I have deleted all of the data that was found in that partition. I have taken several backups since I removed said data. I...
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    Time machine question

    Thanks again. I will take a look at both articles and make up my mind as to which option to take. Now that we have two Macs at home, I need to be proactive and make sure we don't loose any of our data. Even though it would only be pictures and movies plus a few documents. My wife would be...
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    Time machine question

    OK Great. Now I have another question regarding time machine backups. I also have a NAS system with 1.8T. I use it to take monthly backups of my windows machine. I am not sure that I can just get rid of those backups. Anyway, would I need to reformat the entire NAS for Mac OS X in order to...
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    Time machine question

    I finally convinced my wife to switch to an apple. She now uses a MacBook Air and I have been using the mbp for some time now. I have a 320 gig USB external drive that I use for time machine backups. My question is this. Can I use the same USB drive to backup two machines or do I need...