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    root password?

    Speaking of one of the methods in the forum, how does one display the crypt version of a given passwd. I know there is a command line utility out there somewhere (I initially changed my root passwd this way in netinfo manager). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    apache will not start

    So by removing the include at the bottom of the httpd.conf, the included config file no longer is checked. However, I still get there statement that: > [localhost:/etc/httpd] root# apachectl start > /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started Any thoughts?
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    apache will not start

    Okay, I installed the release version of OS X 10.0 and everything seemed to be going along nicely. However, now that I am trying to start up apache and migrate my websites back onto this machine, I have hit a snag. So here it is... I configured the httpd.conf file with all of the relevant...
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    Final Install Problems

    What kind of Mac did you install onto? G3? G4?
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    Final Install Problems

    If that doesn't work, you might want to try adjusting the file system that you install Mac OS X 10.0 on. This was the case for me when I initially installed the OS on the "Unix File System" in that when I rebooted, it was just hang without going any farther than the happy computer. When I went...
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    running cgi programs

    I had a similar issue when I was setting up apache on my os x box - then I remembered a little something called the apache.conf file where all sorts of cool config stuff for apache resides. Towards the bottom you will find two settings of note. The first is one to allow server side includes (in...
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    apache - httpd ?

    I am trying to get Apache up and running on my OS X machine, but I can't seem to get everything configured (or at least how I am used to on a freeBSD box). First, um, where is httpd.conf / httpd hiding? When I search around the file system all I can find is something for httpd.exp in the Modules...