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    J2EE on OS X Server?

    Nope. J2EE is usually Java-native code. For example, has a J2EE implementation for Unix (Resin) that also installs and works on the Macintosh. 100% Java. Coyote
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    Don't install Server over OS X client

    I had a talk with Apple Support today and learned a few things which I thought I would share. 1) Don't install OS X Server over OS X client. It won't work properly, and the install takes FOREVER for some reason. 2) The use of 'Classic' environment isn't supported under OS X Server. But...
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    Server X 10.1 Upgrade

    The upgrade is shipping now, and will require you to obtain or purchase the CDs. $19.95 from Apple, or (maybe) available at Apple stores and participating retailers on Saturday the 30th. 1-800-APL-CARE reports that OS X Server 10.1 upgrade is "ready to go", while OS X Client upgrade will...
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    J2EE on OS X Server?

    Does anyone know of a J2EE implementation for OS X or OS X Server? I'm running Tomcat, but now I've gotten to the point where I want to use J2EE objects as well. Thanks in advance, Coyote
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    OS X Server as client?

    Does OS X Server include applications such as iMovie. iTunes, or (in the 10.1 version) iDVD? I'm about to set up a server and I'm wondering whether I'll still be able to use it as a desktop client as well. How radically does Server vary from Client? Coyote