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    Unicode & greek & web pages gggrrrr!!!!

    Well, I haven't kept up with rigorous HTML since the days of HTML 2.0 but it seems to me that the whole idea behind HTML used to be to leave out explicit font specification. HTML was supposed to control the flow of the document, not the exact look of it, in analogy with LaTeX, for example...
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    Has Apple left Greece out of the X Game?

    The ELOT-928 fonts/keyboard package for the mac is not fully iso-8859-7 compatible because it uses the macgreek encoding (which is awfully non-standard... even the windoze "standard" is closer to the ISO one). Lots of problems when typing in elot-928 and trying to read the result from browsers...
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    Localization question

    I have been trying to provide support for a Greek keyboard, too. Apparently, there is the Keyboards folder in the /System/Library hierarchy that includes a bunch of - ineditable - keymaps. There is no Greek keyboard there. I have also read that in the OS X Server an application called...